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February 22, 2007 09:00 ET

Leatt-Brace™ Featured in David Bailey Video Message

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 22, 2007 -- Leatt Corporation (PINKSHEETS: LEAT), a Nevada, USA Corporation headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, and the developer of the Leatt-Brace™, a Neck Brace System designed to help prevent potentially devastating motor sport injuries to the cervical spine (neck), today announced that the Leatt-Brace™ MOTO GPX was recently recommended for use in a video message by David Bailey, the legendary motocross and supercross champion of the 1980s, who was encouraging the use of available safety gear, specifically the Leatt-Brace™ MOTO GPX. Mr. Bailey received no consideration from Leatt Corp. for the recommendation and is not a paid employee or agent of Leatt Corp.

After having been heavily involved in the sport of motocross for nearly 40 years, Mr. Bailey earned three National Championships, as well as a Supercross Championship, two Grand National Championships and five trips to the top of the podium as a member of Team USA in the Motocross des Nations. An unfortunate 1987 pre-season crash left him unable to use his legs. However, he came back with a vengeance, and began training for the Ironman Triathlon, which he won in 2000.

David has witnessed numerous crashes over the past years. However, after a recent crash involving racer Ryan Sipes who was seriously injured, David felt the need to speak out directly to top riders, agents and the AMA regarding the use of available safety gear, specifically the Leatt-Brace™ MOTO GPX. David felt strongly enough about this topic that he sat up in bed throughout his message, despite recent surgery.

Mr. Bailey's message can be viewed on the Vital MX Online Motocross Community website at: content&task=blogcategory&id=0&Itemid=64&media_type=pro&media_id=196&media_owner=1180 or via the company's website at

David's Full Circle Foundation and ONE Industries also recently teamed up to use the proceeds from their "Dream Team - David Bailey Maggiora 1986 MXDN DVD" to purchase 100 Leatt-Braces™, which they're giving away in a contest at

"I've never personally met David or even spoken with him, but we are truly honored to have a legendary rider like David Bailey include our product in his message on motorsports safety equipment," said Dr. Chris Leatt, C.E.O. and President of the Leatt Corporation. "The Leatt Corporation has received many inquiries from share holders as a result of David's video. Having a man of David's stature reach out and try to convince his colleagues, official governing bodies and the youngsters, who are just entering the sport, to protect themselves with our product makes all the hard work and effort we have put into this product over the past four years seem worthwhile. I ride motorcycles myself and I know that people would be discouraged from wearing something that was too heavy or uncomfortable. I wanted to make a safety device for winners, using state-of-the-art materials and technology that would not inhibit their required movements, but would offer the best protection that we could design. It has taken a few years and a lot of research to create these products and I wear them myself. Together with my team of designers, and leveraging my medical background, I've really worked hard to make these devices as effective as they are lightweight, practical, comfortable and as aesthetically pleasing as possible to wear. I believe we are on the right track when test riders tell us that they feel uncomfortable if they are not wearing the brace and they ride more confidently when wearing the brace. In fact, there were a few professional riders, who refused to give back the test versions and continued to use them until we started rolling out production models this last December 2006. I just want to thank David Bailey for taking a chance and putting his recommendation behind a product that my people and I really believe in and have developed with passion and love for sports and sports enthusiasts of all calibers. Although, I don't know of any protection system that is available that will eliminate all injuries, I would like to say to David that we will continue to do our best to earn his recommendation and hopefully we will significantly reduce injuries, and enable people to keep having fun."

About The Leatt Corporation: The Leatt Corporation is the exclusive global distributor of the Leatt-Brace™, a Neck Brace designed to prevent or lessen the severity of potentially devastating motor sport injuries to the cervical spine (neck). The company's operations and research and development of the core products currently take place at the Leatt Corporation's offices in Cape Town, South Africa.

About David Bailey: A biography of David Bailey can be found at:

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