January 30, 2008 10:28 ET

Leave the Child in the Car and Create 30% Business Increase With 1/2 the Effort, Says Scott Bailey, Principal, BMC, Inc.

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - January 30, 2008) - Learning about the "Child" within you will grow your company exponentially. Business executives and decision makers must learn how to control the emotions they acquired before they were six years old -- in order to be successful. "It is not a good idea to be overtly emotional about your product or services," says Scott Bailey, BMC's founder. "That's why leaving the Child in the car is the only productive way to function when you meet with potential clients."

Child development studies show that the early emotions, sensations, impressions and thoughts of a child cannot be deleted from the personality and character in later years. Operating on feelings of fear, anger, happiness, and sadness are the hallmark of the Child emotional state.

BMC's Scott Bailey understands the efficacy of this psychology. He is teaching people, for example, that it's okay to say 'No.' Explains Bailey: "There are three types of ego states including the Child emotional state: the Natural Child who is happy; the Rebellious Child who is the 'No' Child; and the Adaptive Child who feels inside that he is not 'OK.'"

Understanding this has made Bailey's Irvine, CA-based training into a sought-after business development program. Bailey teaches clients that when in a 'selling' mode, the first person who becomes emotional leaves without the deal. "Good sales people understand what makes people tick and they can adapt to the prospect's style," explains Bailey. "Selling is learning how to be a good listener -- and learning how to uncover and eliminate the prospect's pain."

BMC's programs help sales professionals take a fresh look at their account development process; build new skills; and learn how to deal with prospective clients while developing a strong referral system.

About BMC, Inc. / Sandler Sales Institute

Scott Bailey has helped people in hundreds of different industries understand the 'Child' within them. His training philosophy has grown billions of bottom-line dollars for his clients. Bailey is also a highly sought after speaker.

Bailey majored in Biology in college then spent 20 years in medical sales. In 1994 Scott became aware of the unique and authentic sales training program at the Sandler Sales Institute and became a sales coach for the West Coast territory.

As President of the Sandler Regional Training Center in Irvine, Bailey has been involved in sales and sales training since 1977. His Boot Camp two-day introduction course is high-powered and packed with sales training information. According to Bailey, "Mastering the many aspects of professional selling requires on-going training, coaching, and, of course, hard work and commitment by the client."

Under the umbrella of the Sandler Sales Institute, Bailey also offers special sales training for technical professionals, such as consultants, engineers, accountants, and health professionals. Selling, just like any other skill, cannot be learned at a one-day seminar. Approaches that involve behavior modification, attitudes about one's self and selling, and proven, effective techniques, are all used in BMC's training program. Sandler has been named the #1 Franchisor in the Management Training Programs category five times by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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