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July 17, 2007 12:47 ET

LECTRA : Kaledo by Lectra, the new integrated design software offering for fashion designers

PARIS--(Marketwire - July 17, 2007) - This coming September, Lectra, the world leader in fashion design solutions, will launch the new Kaledo range, specifically dedicated to the fashion industry's design teams to meet all their requirements.

This innovative offer lets them produce more designs and validate collections faster. It improves the communication flow between designers and everyone involved in product development. With an ever-increasing number of collections, Kaledo ensures significantly faster product development cycles.

The Kaledo range includes the Kaledo Collection application for designing collections along with Kaledo Print, Kaledo Knit and Kaledo Weave, the textile applications for creating original prints, knits and yarn-dyed woven fabrics respectively.

A bundle of Lectra expertise

This new Kaledo offer is the result of Lectra's experience acquired over the past 30 years alongside major fashion companies and, in particular, through a close working relationship with companies using Prima Vision and U4ia design solutions.

Kaledo will gradually replace these two solutions, especially popular for their knit and print design modules, having already incorporated the best of their technology.

"In a competitive environment, our clients need to strengthen their brand image and increase their ability to innovate", emphasized Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO. "Thirty of our best engineers and technicians and over 10 million euros have been devoted to developing the new Kaledo range over the past six years. By making design easier and integrating it into the product life cycle very early on, we allow our clients to take a great step forward in speeding up their collection development and strengthening their competitiveness at the same time."

Creativity above all

Based on the work processes linked to each job - collection design, textile design - Kaledo offers designers an even more intuitive work environment where all the data they need for doing their jobs is readily accessible.

With Kaledo Collection, Kaledo Print, Kaledo Knit and Kaledo Weave, they can present, test, change and develop many more styles and from there easily create a wide variety of colors and sizes. Ultra-realistic simulations allow designers to express their creative ideas and share them in a way that lets everyone grasp concepts more easily, and go on to make the right decisions.

The user-friendly textile software takes into account technical data, making it simpler to launch production series. The fabrics created and their variants, easily integrated into Kaledo Collection, allow product lines to be developed very quickly.

Truly revolutionary, Kaledo Collection combines creation with communication

Kaledo Collection allows designers to save time and actually structure their collections, so guaranteeing much faster fine- tuning.

With Kaledo Collection, all your designs, along with combinations of styles, components and materials, are automatically saved. Afterwards, any changes to that style, color or material are immediately reflected throughout the collection. As a result, all changes can be made fast, following, or even during, collection reviews.

"With Kaledo Collection, our teams can free themselves from repetitive, time-consuming tasks to focus on designing", pointed out Philippe Cornillot, PMC Lingerie CEO, the first company to have chosen Kaledo Collection for its design office.

"Our company's added value is design. We show our clients our exclusive designs based on documents developed with Kaledo Collection and consequently we can sell without having to make samples and take orders even before the products are actually finalized", concluded Philippe Cornillot.

Kaledo Collection lets you share data in real time with all the design teams and those responsible for development. Information is sent directly, avoiding any re-entry or poor interpretation and making the whole development process faster.

A unique link between Kaledo and Lectra Fashion PLM

Thanks to the close link between Kaledo and Lectra Fashion PLM, the people in charge of development have the possibility of working directly with designers' data. In this way they have access to all the information relevant to a product or product lines and so avoid data re-entry phases, often synonymous with errors and time loss.

Kaledo will be demonstrated at the Lectra booths during ITMA (September 13-20, 2007 in Munich, Germany) and Première Vision (September 18-21, 2007 in Paris, France)

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