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January 26, 2007 11:58 ET

LECTRA Launches Its New Release of Lectra Fashion PLM

PARIS -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 26, 2007 -- Lectra, the world leader in software, CAD/CAM equipment and associated services dedicated to the fashion industry, has announced the launch of the Lectra Fashion PLM V1R3.

With Lectra's latest release of fashion PLM, Lectra offers retailers, brands, and manufacturers in the fashion sector unique expertise and a comprehensive offer to accelerate growth and increase profitability while ensuring the satisfaction of increasingly demanding consumers.

Lectra Fashion PLM, a 100% Web-based solution, is the only offering that allows all those involved in the life cycle of a product--creation, development, sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing of fashion product lines--to collaborate effectively. It adds value by allowing participants to work together on the same virtual version of models and fabrics, from the stylist's initial idea to the completion of the final product.

The integration of business applications and collections and process management software enables action to be taken in key areas that lead to improved performance: capacity for innovation, brand identity, frequency and time to market, quality assurance, control of development costs for products and materials, management and synchronization of multiple processes, and decision-making about collection content.

The new release of Lectra Fashion PLM brings major improvements, in particular to its Product Development and Workflow Management applications, specific to collection development process management.

Facilitate Sourcing Process Management for Products and Materials

Delivering a collection, complete, and on time, while maintaining quality and respecting costs, is increasingly difficult to achieve in a complex international environment where different sourcing models coexist both for products and for materials--from the classic subcontracting system and co-development, to sourcing the finished product.

Through its Product Development application, Lectra Fashion PLM now ensures effective collaboration among those involved in all specific processes related to the sourcing of fashion products and related fabrics: fast and precise synchronization and management of multiple bids, prototype review, and effective cost simulation taking into account the product's multiple variants. Finally, the quality process is also enriched by the ability to define and validate the different tests (color-fastness, flammability, etc.) and checks (measurements, finishing, etc.) that each product must undergo before it can be marketed.

Optimize Pattern Design, an Integral Part of the Development Process

One of the key points of customer satisfaction and loyalty in a climate of permanent innovation is to ensure a good fit. This is why it is essential to allow for effective collaboration among pattern designers, product managers, and manufacturers when designing each product.

Today, Lectra's pattern design applications are integrated with the Product Development application in order to allow the same access to pattern-related data, to facilitate proper combining of patterns with the technical specifications of the product, taking into account each of its variants, and to ensure dynamic updating in the event pattern designers make changes during development. All participants in this process can share a single, common version, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring optimal product quality.

Globally Control Collection Development, by Line or by Product

Developing a collection is a path strewn with obstacles that involves the performance of many interdependent tasks.

The Workflow Management application, which organizes and controls collection project activities, currently provides for even closer monitoring of collection development activities This is achieved by controlling them at different levels: definition and control of the general collection development plan and all related activities, but also specific control of the development stages of each product based on target date.

Streamline Reports and Activity Schedules

All those involved in the development process of a product must have access to the latest updated information and must communicate clear, precise, and visual information in order to minimize the risk of errors and misinterpretation. At each major stage, standard visual reports can be generated in the Product Development and Line Planning applications. Developed through the combined experience of Lectra and its customers, they fulfill the principal reporting needs of fashion companies. They can be supplemented with customized reports.

Lectra Fashion PLM: A Unique Solution for the Fashion Market

"Lectra Fashion PLM represents a major technological leap forward on the fashion industry. This innovation is the result of many years of research and development by over 100 engineers and technicians. Lectra Fashion PLM capitalizes on the acquired experience of 17,000 customers over more than 30 years", said Daniel Harari, CEO, Lectra.

Many players in the fashion industry have chosen Lectra Fashion PLM, among them Mango (see press release of January 3, 2006), Denim Authority (press release of July 27, 2006), and Please Mum (press release of December 7, 2006).

About Lectra:

With 1,500 worldwide employees and $260 million in 2005 revenues, Lectra is the world leader in software, CAD/CAM equipment and related services dedicated to large-scale users of textiles, leather and industrial fabrics. Lectra addresses a broad array of major global markets, including fashion (apparel, accessories, footwear), automotive, aeronautical and furniture. Lectra is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange.

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