July 13, 2008 12:00 ET

LED*Waves Is Saving the Earth, One Bulb at a Time

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - July 13, 2008) - Just in time for the summer energy crunch, LED*Waves has expanded its cutting-edge LED-Logia line of low-energy light bulbs. Already boasting the outstanding MR-16 and PAR-20, the line now includes MR-11, PAR-30, and PAR-38 models.

The LED-Logia line uses only the latest Cree XRE chips and is the brightest batch of plug-and-play replacement bulbs LED*Waves has to offer. From task-lighting to ambient-lighting, commercial CFL-replacement to household incandescent-replacement, these bulbs are perfect for every circumstance and application no matter the size and no matter the duration. According to Joel Slavis, President of LED*Waves, "All of the LED-Logia bulbs are rated to last 80,000 hours under ideal conditions. In other words, after that amount of use in well-ventilated areas, the chips will have reached 50% efficiency and ought to be replaced. At 8 hours of use per day, that's over 27 years."

Second to none in terms of practicality, the PAR-20 has been an excellent way for consumers and contractors alike to effortlessly save energy. Its low power consumption (7 Watts) and high lumen output (500 lumens) make it capable of replacing a 40W incandescent bulb without question. Not only that, but according to research conducted by our specialists, the PAR-20 is significantly less expensive over time, which means it actually puts money back in your pocket. Roughly speaking, the PAR-20 will cost about $100 over 50,000 hours of use, never requiring replacement, while the 40W incandescent will cost over $300, requiring 50 replacements. It's no wonder that a common use for this bulb is household incandescent-replacement.

The other tried-and-true LED-Logia bulb has become popular due to its ability to effectively replace a 30 Watt bi-pin halogen lamp. Rated at 270 lumens, the MR-16 is perfect for use with low-voltage track lighting because it consumes a mere 5 Watts, thereby increasing the number of heads a given system can have sixfold. A concept McDonald's in Orange County has capitalized on this potential and its customers have responded, evidenced by a 25% increase in revenue within its first month of operation. Another recent satisfied client is The Greener with DIRTT Gallery in Salt Lake City, who paired the MR-16 with track lighting purchased from Light*Waves Concept.

The all-new 14 Watt PAR-30 is rated at 900 lumens and is capable of replacing a 75 Watt halogen; the all-new 21 Watt PAR-38 is rated at 1600 lumens and is the brightest LED-Logia bulb, capable of replacing a 120 Watt halogen. Along with the MR-11, these bulbs are the newest and most potent additions to the LED*Waves canon.

Let LED*Waves help you save the earth, one bulb at a time.

LED*Waves is based out of New York City and specializes in providing green lighting solutions for everyone. Previous clients include The Pentagon, The American Museum of Natural History, McDonald's, The Museum of Modern Art, MTV, Grotto Wine Cellars, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, and New York University.