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February 26, 2010 09:10 ET

Legendary Trader Daniel Zanger Celebrates 12th Year Anniversary of The Zanger Report Nightly Newsletter; Inspiring the Next Generation of Market Traders With Classic Chart Patterns

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - February 26, 2010) -  Excelling in a crowded field, The Zanger Report nightly market newsletter is celebrating an unprecedented 12th Year Anniversary, while most other market guidance newsletters have fallen by the wayside. The consistency and performance of the The Zanger Report is due entirely to one man.

Legendary Trader and Master Technical Analyst Daniel Zanger of is no stranger to success. What started as a mere hobby, Mr. Zanger has evolved his nightly newsletter The Zanger Report into one of the most successful market-indicator newsletters in internet history. Guiding his membership base into regular micro bull markets or recommending all-cash positions prior to severe market contractions seen in the Fall of 2008, Zanger has earned global respect and credibility with his uncanny read of the daily charts.

Spending more than 20,000 hours studying stock charts and the inherent dynamics of mass-herd trading, Daniel Zanger realized that powerful chart patterns and daily bar analysis were signaling trends even before the institutions were moving in on them. For Zanger, these indicators manifest like a spoken language, which he communicates every evening with his global member base.

The Zanger Report is authored by the celebrity trader himself and can be accessed solely through paid membership to There, over 400 professional and newbie traders can be found daily in the website's chat-room to lend support and scout buying opportunities. Dan Zanger is known to make appearances throughout the trading day.

According to Mr. Zanger, "The website's chatroom is a place for me to share almost four decades of experience with my readership base in real-time. Collectively, we help many new traders survive that critical first year in the market." 

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