February 11, 2016 08:00 ET

LendingArch Thinks Outside the Bank Appoints Paul Hadzoglou Head of Credit & Risk

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Feb. 11, 2016) - LendingArch, an emerging Canadian FinTech company, today announced Paul Hadzoglou has joined their fast-growing team, as Head of Credit & Risk.

Paul comes to LendingArch with an incredible track record of high performance and value, and his detail to data science, credit risk and underwriting has resulted in huge successes within the financial management area.

During his time at ATB Financial, Paul held senior finance management responsibilities in Corporate, Retail and Small Business Banking. With an eye for analytics and results, Paul's financial intelligence led all business units for MasterCard in Strategy & Operations, where he cultivated and established profitability and loan portfolio growth.

Together with sophisticated data scientists and brand technologists, Paul and his team are reimagining the lending universe by infusing revolutionary change for customers. They are part of an avant-garde disruption class that is reinventing the banking and borrowing landscape.

Paul will report to trailblazing Founder and female CEO, Arti Modi, "Here at LendingArch, we have an incredible opportunity to build a new type of lending platform to a new generation of borrowers. Our vision from inception was to assemble a world-class team that fits our company culture and total mission, to bring financial advancement to all Canadians. Paul's 'yes-first' thinking mentality, leadership and drive to succeed, will inspire our core underwriting team, deliver results for our investors and ensure we always have happy borrowers."

Stated Hadzoglou, "I'm proud to be part of a team that is bringing financial advancement to Canadians. Coming from a banking background, it is so exciting to be part of a culture that sees borrowers completely differently. Being able to look at our borrowers for their future potential - and not just their credit score - opens up so many possibilities to foster financial health for Canadians. The application process is so easy and simple to do, and being able to use your mobile or tablet to see instant funding is future-ready finance. We understand what the borrower needs and LendingArch gives people who are seeking real solutions seamless options."

About LendingArch

We want people to live in a world where they can thrive. We want people to know banks are not the only ones lending. We are the modern bank and we are giving ordinary people like us, the extraordinary opportunity for financial advancement. LendingArch.ca is a marketplace lending platform that rewards financially responsible Canadians with hyper-personalized, affordable loan options. Devised for a genesis of new thinking consumers, LendingArch is humanizing the banking eco-system and creating innovative financial health programmes driven by non-traditional data. LendingArch was founded by an ensemble of global entrepreneurs, investment architects and is spearheaded by a team of expert millennials in the financial technology space. For more intel, please visit www.lendingarch.ca. You can also follow us @lendingarch.

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