Les Amis de Dufferin Heights

October 04, 2010 17:48 ET

Les Amis de Dufferin Heights: A Sense of Place - Agricultural Heritage of the Dufferin Height Region, Stanstead-Est, Quebec

STANSTEAD-EST, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2010) - A number of owners of farming land surrounding the Dufferin Heights summit have undertaken research into the history of Dufferin Heights. It is with great pleasure we announce that their collaborative efforts have resulted in the publication of the brochure entitled "A Sense of Place – Agricultural Heritage" of the Dufferin Heights region. This brochure describes the historical origins of some of the properties surrounding Dufferin Heights and the memorial monuments located on the Dufferin Heights summit. 

These same property owners have formed an informal association – Les Amis de Dufferin Heights – with the purpose of providing a forum for people interested in preserving the Sense of Place of Dufferin Heights. This group's particular interest is to ensure members of the general public are informed of any plans for development projects which might be considered out of character with the historical, agricultural, recreational and natural heritage of Dufferin Heights.

In the past few months, selected land owners have been approached by representatives of the Municipality of Stanstead-Est and the MRC of Coaticook who are requesting that a 30 metre telecommunication tower be erected on their lands as part of a regional wireless internet network. This would be a separate second telecommunications tower erected in the Dufferin Heights region in the past decade.

In 2003 the principal land property owners whose land surrounds the Dufferin Heights summit all declined to have the Telus Tower situated on their lands. The main motivation for the decision at that time was that a telecommunication tower was out of character with the historical agricultural heritage and "Sense of Place" of Dufferin Heights. These same property Owners have declined the more recent initiative to establish a second tower in the Dufferin Heights region.

Individuals and organizations wishing to learn more about Les Amis de Dufferin Heights may do so by contacting Les Amis de Dufferin Heights using the following contact co-ordinates.

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