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October 31, 2012 10:00 ET

LES Labs' All-Natural Pill Prevents Hangover Symptoms, Available on Amazon.com

LES Labs' successful hangover cure, PreToxx, is taken before drinking alcohol and prevents hangover symptoms. PreToxx is an all-natural hangover pill containing no caffeine or pain killers. Now available on Amazon, PreToxx has become the most popular hangover supplement online.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 31, 2012) - LES Labs' most recent supplement naturally prevents hangover symptoms and supports healthy liver function. By taking just one dose before drinking alcohol, PreToxx is guaranteed to help reduce hangover symptoms.

John Heathco, owner of LES Labs states that, "PreToxx has quickly become the most popular supplement available online for preventing hangover symptoms. It doesn't contain any pain killers that are hard on your liver - in fact, PreToxx is designed to support your liver. Many of our users have even reported improved liver enzyme levels after continued use of PreToxx."

One of the reasons why PreToxx has quickly become the most popular hangover cure online is because its stellar user reviews on Amazon.com. Sold at under $18 for 30 hangover pills, PreToxx is also eligible for Amazon's free super saver shipping.

Unlike other hangover remedies containing caffeine, aspirin or other additives, PreToxx poses no harm to the individual's health. PreToxx contains prickly pear extract, which prevents common hangover symptoms such as headaches, dry mouth and loss of appetite. Cysteine and milk thistle are both ingredients found in the hangover pill that support liver function. Both of these natural ingredients aid the liver in the breaking down of alcohol and help neutralize the toxins that lead to common hangover symptoms.

Methocel is the final coating used in the formulation of the hangover remedy, which John Heathco explains, "is responsible for the timed release of ingredients in the PreToxx remedy and ensures they are absorbed slowly in the body over a period of several hours."

PreToxx does not claim to prevent intoxication and as a dietary supplement is not regulated by the FDA. "We obviously encourage drinking responsibly," says John Heathco, "but if you are going to indulge, PreToxx will help you get through those mornings without the regret." Just two to four tablets taken before drinking alcohol will reduce common hangover symptoms.

In addition to being available on Amazon, discount coupons for PreToxx can be found on the social media giant, Facebook, or on LES Labs' web site at hangoverpill.com.


LES Labs, based in Los Angeles, California, designs and markets natural dietary supplements. LES Labs' most recently launched product, PreToxx, is taken before drinking alcohol to help prevent hangover symptoms and support a healthy liver. MoodBoost, a natural supplement for stress and anxiety relief, will be introduced in late 2012. For more information on PreToxx, visit www.hangoverpill.com or become a fan of PreToxx on Facebook.

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