December 14, 2011 13:50 ET

Let's Talk Occupy -- INFORUM to Discuss All Things Occupy Wall Street

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 14, 2011) - The Commonwealth Club's INFORUM will host a live forum to talk about all things Occupy Wall Street at the Commonwealth Club's Office on Thursday, December 15. The event will begin with a panel that includes Oakland Mayor, Jean Quan, Occupy Wall Street organizer, Justin Wedes, UC Berkeley Professor, George Lakoff, Occupy Oakland organizer, Iris Brown, Traveling Occupier, Nadim Haida, and Examiner reporter, Melissa Griffin. Post panel, the audience will break into discussion groups to tackle issues that Occupy raises, to come to resolutions and to report back to the group in Occupy's General Assembly Fashion.

Since September, the Occupy movement has staked a claim in every Facebook feed, almost every news program and in more than 92 countries and 100 major cities in the United States alone. Using the tools of collective assembly, occupiers have mobilized thousands in their fight against corporate corruption and socio-economic inequality, but many are still less than sure what Occupy is all about. While flying tents and law enforcement crackdowns have received the lion's share of news media coverage, few have gone beyond the sound bite to tackle the tough questions. What have been the strategies and intent of this people-powered movement? Now that they have the world's attention, what are they going to do with it? What is driving the movement forward?

Join us for the first long form, non-partisan and interactive discussion about Occupy. This two-hour forum will address the tactics, aims and future implications of the movement's mission to channel change, and will give the SF public a chance to interact in Occupy style. INFORUM will let the story unfold, anchored by a panel discussion with:

Melissa Griffin, Columnist at San Francisco Examiner, will act as the moderator to ensure an interactive, thoughtful discussion about the Occupy movement, its strategies, its intent, and its future moves.

Jean Quan, the Mayor of Oakland, is currently facing the potential of a recall campaign due to her responses and tactics towards Occupy Oakland and will offer her outlook on the Movement, its effects on the City of Oakland and the concerns and decisions that Mayors with Occupations are facing.

George Lakoff, a cognitive linguist and Professor at University of California, Berkeley, wrote a piece about finding the political path to channel change and will bring his perspectives on the next step for the Occupy movement.

Justin Wedes, one of the leaders and organizers of Occupy Wall Street, was at Zuccotti Park from the get-go and he'll Skype into the discussion for real-time feedback and for perspective on the course of the movement from day one.

Iris Brown, one of the organizers of Occupy Oakland, has been through the police crack downs, the port marches and the controversy behind the meaning and the definition of "non-violence." A member of Occupy Oakland's Foreclosure Committee, she will discuss the influence and impact of the Occupy Oakland movement.

Nadim Haida, a Nonviolent Direct-Action Trainer, has been part of Occupy movements across the nation and will provide an in-depth look at the actions and impacts of occupiers in Denver, Boulder, Santa Fe, Las Vegas and Oakland.

The special program takes place at the SF Club Office on 595 Market St., 2nd floor in San Francisco on Thursday, Dec. 15th, at 7 p.m. PT. For more information and to register for tickets, call (415)-597-6705 or register online at

Media interested in attending should please RSVP to:
Caroline Moriarity Sacks,
INFORUM Director, (415) 597-6719,
Enies Burton, INFORUM Public Relations Chair,
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  • Media interested in attending should please RSVP to:
    Caroline Moriarity Sacks
    INFORUM Director
    (415) 597-6719
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    Enies Burton
    INFORUM Public Relations Chair
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