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May 31, 2013 07:00 ET

Letters Threatening Mayor Bloomberg Tested Positive for Ricin; Similar Letter Also Addressed to President Obama

Universal Detection Technology's Ricin Detection Kits Capable of Detecting Trace Amounts of the Deadly Poison

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 31, 2013) - Universal Detection Technology ( (OTCBB: UNDT), a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies that protect against biological, chemical, and radiological threats, reported today on the discovery of Ricin addressed to NYC Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama. The Company is a supplier of Ricin detection kits and has previously supplied first responders throughout the country with its biological weapon detection kits that can detect Ricin in 3 minutes or less. To see a video about UNDT's kits on Bloomberg TV, please click here or go to:

One letter was opened at a New York City mail center in Lower Manhattan on Friday, the police said. Although staff members at the mail center do not appear to have become ill, several police officers who came into contact with the letters' contents "indicated some mild symptoms the next day, including diarrhea," and they are being treated in hospitals, the New York Police Department's spokesman, Paul J. Browne, said on Wednesday afternoon.

A similar letter addressed to President Obama was intercepted at an off-site facility that screens mail addressed to the White House and has been turned over to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force for testing and investigation.

Ricin is a highly toxic substance derived from castor beans. As little as 500 micrograms -- an amount the size of the head of a pin -- can kill an adult. There is no specific test for exposure and no antidote was exposed.

UNDT's Biological detection equipment has been extensively used by first responders and private industry throughout the country. The equipment has been evaluated by the U.S. DOD as well as the United Kingdom military. The equipment's capacities include:

  • No cross-reactivity to household powders
  • No set up time
  • No expensive reader needed
  • No decontamination requirements
  • No false positives
  • No false negatives
  • No hook effect

"Ricin has become the toxin of choice for fringe elements seeking to spread their message of fear," said Mr. Jacques Tizabi, UNDT's Chairman and CEO. "Thankfully our nation's first responders are equipped with the equipment to detect and neutralize any harm from these tainted letters," he added.

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