August 11, 2015 23:30 ET

Letv Sells One Million Le Superphones -- the World's First USB Type-C Smartphones -- in Just Three Months

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 11, 2015) - In the latest flash sale held on its official e-commerce site, Letv's Le Superphones (Le 1, Le 1 Pro and Le Max) recorded their one millionth sale in China earlier today, setting a new benchmark for the new smartphone category. 20,000 Le Max sold out within 21 seconds, while 50,000 Le 1 accomplished the same feat in 53 seconds. By breaking the 1,000,000 sales mark in just three months' time, the Le Superphones have become the fastest-growing mobile brand in China, easily outpacing its competitors in the new smartphone category. Over the past three months, Letv leveraged both online and offline touchpoints to great success, with crazed fans all over China lining up for hours in advance for the opportunity to snag a Le Superphone.

Vice President and General Manager of Letv's International Mobile Business, JD Howard, believes the best is yet to come. "Obviously, we're beyond thrilled to have enjoyed such tremendous success, but the numbers only tell half the story. We think there's a growing appetite among consumers for a new kind of smartphone experience, one in which incremental hardware enhancements take a backseat to premium content and distinctive features like our Ecosystem User Interface."

Latest Chinese mobile market rankings

In the EBP June mobile market report, the Le Superphones ascended to an impressive top 5 ranking in both total online sales and B2C online sales, while leapfrogging Apple's iPhone in the process. Boasting a sales increase of 4.4 percent in June, the Le Superphones witnessed the fastest growth among mobile devices online in China. The Le 1 emerged as the market leader in the 1500-2000 RMB category, capturing 4.3 percent of China's total online market share.

Thanks to its June surge, the Le Superphones now account for 4.5 percent of China's total online market share. A total of 564,000 Le Superphones were sold in June.

Flash Sale Highlights  

The first Internet company to release two different smartphone models at once, Letv began selling its Le Superphones to Chinese consumers in May 2015, and the results have been staggering. The first flash sale took place on May 19, 2015, during which 190,000 Le 1 and 100,000 Le 1 Pros were released to the Chinese public. The Le 1 Pros sold out within one second; Le 1 phones sold out within three minutes and 46 seconds. Over 13 million users pre-registered for their orders online. During peak traffic times on May 19th, over 7.6 million users visited

The second flash sale occurred on June 2, 2015. 100,200 Le Superphones were released to the Chinese public, and sold out within 17 seconds. 9 million users pre-registered for the Le 1 and Le 1 Pro, with an additional 1.5 million users pre-registering for the Le Max prototype.

The third flash sale, which occurred on June 16, 2015, resulted in 100,000 Le Superphones being sold out within 21 seconds.

On July 7, 2015, 30,000 Le Max phones were released to the public, and promptly sold out within three seconds. 4.94 million users pre-registered for their orders online.

Key Product Specifications 


  • World's first smartphone to support fully reversible USB Type-C Connection
  • Fully-floating glass design (Corning 3rd generation gorilla glass)

Le 1

  • 5.5 inch display
  • Bezel-less design
  • 2.6 mm edge
  • Dolby DTS theater sound

Le 1 Pro

  • 5.5 inch display
  • Bezel-less, all metal design
  • 2.4 mm edge
  • Industry-leading hifi (Harmon and Dolby sound technology)
  • Wireless HDMI

Le Max

  • 6.33 inch display
  • Bezel-less, all metal design
  • The world's first phone with a 1.6 mm edge
  • Features TrustZone fingerprint recognition technology
  • Over 80% of high screen-to-body ratio
  • Industry-leading hifi (Harmon and Dolby sound technology)
  • Wireless HDMI

Price (In China Only)

  • Le 1: 1499-1799 RMB
  • Le 1 Pro: 2499-2799 RMB
  • Le Max: 2999-3699 RMB

About Letv

Founded in 2004, Letv is the first publicly listed online video streaming company on the Chinese stock market, and has since grown to become one of China's largest and most forward-thinking Internet companies. Today, Letv offers consumers a fully immersive, connected experience through its open ecosystem of content, applications devices, and platforms. Its evolution has been lead by founder and CEO Jia Yueting and his "six screens, one cloud" approach, which brings consumers closer to the content they love across every screen: smart TV, mobile, tablet, PC, cinema and soon, electric cars. In 2015, Letv announced its U.S. expansion, unveiling its ecosystem for the first time to an international audience. 

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