April 11, 2016 09:00 ET

LEVELsleep TriSupport Technology Revolutionizes Standard Sleep Surfaces

Patented Design Is Clinically Proven to Improve Sleep and Daytime Function

SONOMA, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 11, 2016) - LEVELsleep, a company passionate about helping people sleep better so they can live and perform better, today unveiled its line of TriSupport™ mattresses and mattress converters.

LEVELsleep's TriSupport technology is significantly different than any other sleep technology on the market today. The company has improved upon outdated uniform sleep surfaces to create an anatomically-aligned, three-in-one sleep surface designed to achieve optimal spinal alignment and uniform low pressure in all sleeping positions. It is a design breakthrough from which anyone looking to wake up feeling more refreshed and wishing to tackle the day with less pain, stiffness or fatigue will greatly benefit.

The brainchild of best-selling author and inventor Roger Sramek, LEVELsleep™ evolved from a serious inquiry into why so many people do not get the most from their sleep.

"My passion is designing products that make a positive impact in people's lives. For years I heard stories from people desperate to wake up refreshed and pain free," says Sramek, who is also co-founder and head of product development at LEVELsleep. "I chose to work with the leading medical professionals to study how mattresses affect the biomechanics of the human body and then sought to improve upon them."

Sramek continues, "A decade of research led us to discover what now seems obvious: because the human body is curved and mattresses are flat, it is common to experience neck, shoulder, hip and back pain or stiffness due to excessive pressure on those points and spinal misalignment. LEVELsleep's multi-region sleep surface curves naturally with the body to correct all of these problems, thereby helping to increase daytime performance."

In order to validate the experience of early customers, the company commissioned a 30 participant, IRB-approved clinical study, under protocols written and conducted by independent sleep researchers, which reported that the LEVELsleep with TriSupport mattress provided a:

  • 35% reduction in tossing and turning
  • 57% reduction in pain
  • 54% reduction in stiffness
  • 43% reduction in next day fatigue
  • 60% increase in overall sleep satisfaction

"Independent research suggests you can reduce sleep disruption by using a mattress which avoids the creation of excess pressure on the hip and shoulder while supporting your lumbar and thoracic spine," says Dr. Nick Athens, a team chiropractor for the San Francisco 49ers. "LEVELsleep's TriSupport technology is proven to do so."

"Until now there has been little innovation to improve the design of sleep surfaces," says JJ Abodeely, co-founder and CEO of LEVELsleep. "At LEVELsleep, we are focused on delivering smart, ergonomic designs that give people the comfort and corrective support they need, and are thrilled to be the only company in the market with a proven way of doing so."

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About LEVELsleep
Founded in 2015, LEVELsleep is a company passionate about helping people sleep better so they can live better. LEVELsleep leverages its patented TriSupport™ technology, a unique, three-in one sleep surface, built over years of research and development, which works with the natural contours of the body to create optimal spinal alignment and uniform low pressure. All LEVELsleep products are scientifically designed and backed by clinical research. LEVELsleep is based in Sonoma, California and the company's products are all crafted and manufactured in the U.S.

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