November 12, 2014 12:03 ET

LevelUp Introduces Item-Level Analytics and Campaigns for Merchants

Beyond Providing Full Access to Customer Transaction Data, LevelUp Continues to Design New Ways Merchants Can Leverage Data to Engage Customers

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - November 12, 2014) - The nation's leading mobile loyalty and payments platform, LevelUp, has revealed plans for new customer engagement offerings related to item-level purchasing data. For nearly three years, LevelUp has partnered with thousands of fast casual, quick service concepts across the nation to revolutionize mobile customer engagement in the restaurant space. Customers using LevelUp simply scan their phone at the counter to pay and accrue loyalty points, all in one simple action.

Beyond seamless payment and loyalty, what sets LevelUp's platform apart from other mobile payment technologies on the market is that it goes far beyond basic loyalty and payments offerings. Partner merchants also receive granular, real-time customer transaction data, along with a number of cutting-edge marketing and customer engagement tools that enable them to leverage their data.

"Data is empowering. Yet restaurants were long denied access, by credit card companies and others, to the data that is most closely tied to their success: customer transaction data," says Seth Priebatsch, LevelUp's CEO. "LevelUp has been hugely successful at getting this data back in the hands of merchants, and we're constantly asking ourselves how we can make that access as powerful as possible. One clear answer is item-level data. The campaigns that merchants can run based on item-level analytics are endless, and extremely exciting."

LevelUp's partner merchants already have full insight into who their customers are and exactly what those customers love about their business -- with the data to prove it. Now, LevelUp merchants will soon be able to analyze and leverage customer purchasing data at the item level, whether it be for a single item or some unique combination of items.

Because one size does not, and should not, fit all when it comes to customer engagement, LevelUp's item-level campaign dashboard is designed to allow merchants to manipulate the underlying data in any way that makes sense for their business. For example, items can easily be tagged and grouped in meaningful ways with just a few clicks.

Merchants can then launch campaigns targeted to only those customers that have purchased some unique combination of items (quinoa and apples, say). Or, conversely, merchants can market to only those customers that have not yet tried that combination of items. Creativity is encouraged -- and enabled by the LevelUp platform -- as merchants could even go so far as to market to customers named Jane who ordered a chicken dish within the last 30 days between the hours of noon and 3:00 pm.

Item-level marketing is a powerful tool for merchants to connect with customers on a personal level. Plus, as with all campaigns run on the LevelUp platform, merchants will be able to track the success of item-level engagement efforts, down to the last dollar.

About LevelUp
LevelUp helps merchants own the shift to mobile by powering mobile-payment optimized loyalty programs, enabling their customers pay for their purchase and accrue/redeem rewards with a single scan or tap. LevelUp's analytics platform helps merchants better understand their customers and deliver the right campaigns to the right customers to drive revenue and increase customer happiness. LevelUp is currently used by over 14,000 merchant locations and 1.5 million users. Anyone can download the free LevelUp app for iPhone or Android. Merchants can also embed the LevelUp SDK into their own branded applications. Learn more at

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