April 05, 2011 09:00 ET

LevelUp Offers Startups the Daily Deal of a Lifetime

Lunch With Leading VC, Accounting Consultation and Legal Session All Part of "LevelUp Your Startup"

CAMBRIDGE, MA and PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - April 5, 2011) - Calling all startups! You're probably used to local deals offering you 60-minute massages at great discounts. And those are certainly worth it after back-to-back all-nighters bangin' code. But... what if you could get a 60-minute lunch with a leading venture capitalist... for just $1? And they're buying?! Now that's what we call #winning!

Well now you can, with our launch of a very special LevelUp. It's called LevelUp Your Startup.

LevelUp is a new kind of local deal that gets better as you use it! Each LevelUp has 3 levels: Good, Better, Best. As you use Level 1, you unlock an even-better Level 2 deal. It's easy: try out tons of new places with a great first deal, and go back to the ones you love with an even better deal than before. Level 1 = > Level 2 = > Level 3. Pretty simple. Pretty awesome!

Most of the time, LevelUp focuses on building amazing experiences at local businesses -- offering you opportunities to LevelUp Your Burrito or LevelUp Your Rock Climbing and even LevelUp Your Fitness. But today, for the first time ever, you can LevelUp Your Startup!

Level 1: Get Incorporated.
$250 for $2800 value: Legal set-up with Foley Hoag in Boston or Morgan Lewis in Philly
Incorporating your company is time-consuming, expensive and hard. But it's also critical if you're really going to build something big. With Level 1 of LevelUp Your Startup, you'll be able to sit down with top entrepreneurial business attorneys to get fully incorporated and filed, stock-options plans and documents prepared, and more thanks to Foley Hoag in Boston and Morgan Lewis in Philly.

Level 2: Get Your Books in Shape.
$150 for $2000 value: Accounting set-up with Raphael & Raphael in Boston or
ParenteBeard in Philadelphia
After you've gotten yourself legally set up, LevelUp and unlock Level 2 to get your company's books squared away: a $2,000 startup accounting setup package for $150. When you file for that IPO in five years, you're going to need squeaky-clean books. Squeaaaakkky clean. That's why in Boston the good people at Raphael and Raphael LLP, and in Philly the awesome folks at ParenteBeard will sit down with you, count up all your beans and put them where they need to be.

Level 3: Get Funded.
$1 For an Investor To Buy You Lunch & Hear Your Pitch. Google Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Common Angels in Boston and NextStage Capital, Robin Hood Ventures and Dreamit Ventures in Philly. (Value? Um, really?)
You've got your company incorporated, books all squared away and now... now you just need one last thing to turn your big idea into the next Google (or maybe... if you're really shooting high... the next Color!). Cold hard cash! Say hello to Level 3: $1 to have a leading VC buy you lunch.

We're pretty sure this could very well be the best $1 you ever spend. Like, ever.

Top-notch VCs and investors like Rich Miner from Google Ventures, Alex Taussig from Highland Capital Partners and folks from Robin Hood Ventures, Common Angels and Dreamit Ventures will take you, the entrepreneurial rockstar, out to lunch and hear your pitch. Wow.

Perhaps you're wiping your eyes to make sure you've read all this correctly, but it gets even better: all the proceeds from all levels benefit two very amazing organizations: MassChallenge in Boston and Startup Corps in Philly.

Both of these organizations are working day and night to ensure the entrepreneurial health of their communities and beyond. MassChallenge is the largest-ever startup competition and accelerator program in the world. Startup Corps empowers high school students to be active, engaged participants in their own education by leveraging their passions and teaching them the skills necessary to start something real.

So LevelUp Your Startup in Boston and Philly today, and help the next generation of entrepreneurs do the same along the way! Visit or download the free LevelUp app for iPhone and Android.

About LevelUp
LevelUp is a better way for local businesses and consumers to connect. Consumers, try out a ton of awesome places with a great deal and then go back to the places you love with an even better deal or more exclusive experience. Merchants, get introduced to a large local community of people who not only visit your business, but are actively invited to keep coming back and "level-up" to become regulars... the best type of customers.

With 20MM in funding from Google Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Balderton Capital, LevelUp is based in Boston, with satellite offices in each of the communities they serve. LevelUp is founded by the same folks who brought you SCVNGR and you can learn more about them at

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