October 04, 2012 09:00 ET

LevelUp Partners With MICROS, POSitouch, and Dinerware POS Systems

Three Top Payment Processing Systems Join the Ranks to Make LevelUp the Most Universally Accepted Way to Pay

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2012) - LevelUp is all about helping businesses save time and make more money. That's why we're integrating with three of the top ten point-of-sale (POS) systems, MICROS, POSitouch, and Dinerware.

So what does this mean? Well, for one, LevelUp is now integrated with 30% of all the POS systems that exist. Basically, we just got a lot closer to our goal of becoming the most universally accepted way to pay. We're on a mission to integrate with every existing system out there to make it easier for merchants to accept LevelUp's unique combination of mobile payments and customer loyalty campaigns.

For the merchants with MICROS, POSitouch, and Dinerware systems, these partnerships mean that LevelUp transactions will be even faster, easier, and more seamless than ever. First, LevelUp transactions get logged alongside every other credit card and cash transaction for the day, making it much easier to balance the register at closing. And second, the analytics from LevelUp's loyalty-driving campaigns get integrated right into the merchant's existing POS system, making it easier to track all of that amazing data on who's coming back and how often, as well as what they're ordering.

We know time is money. This integration gets rid of some steps, so you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

So, if you're a merchant with a MICROS, POSitouch, and Dinerware, here's how a LevelUp transaction will work:

  • Your customer wants to pay with LevelUp
  • You hit the LevelUp tender on your MICROS, POSitouch, or Dinerware system
  • Your customer scans their LevelUp code at the register with a nifty 2D barcode scanner... and the transaction is complete!

One machine, one transaction. This saves time and money. We love that. And we bet you do, too.

"Integrating with MICROS, POSitouch, and Dinerware, three of the largest point of sale companies in the country, is a huge opportunity for LevelUp," said LevelUp Rockstar and Vice President of Partner Development Christina Dorobek. "Our strategy is to seamlessly work with the existing systems our merchants use every day, so LevelUp not only becomes easy for the consumer to use, but also ultra-simple for the merchant to introduce. LevelUp brings real value in the form of campaigns, and now merchants will easily be able to track this data within their existing POS system."

MICROS 3700 and Simphony™, POSitouch, and Dinerware currently support LevelUp integration. Stay tuned... we've got some big plans to expand that!

LevelUp is the only network to offer zero interchange, meaning businesses pay 0% in processing fees. Through this partnership, MICROS, POSitouch, and Dinerware are joining LevelUp's payment revolution.

Interested in integrating? LevelUp has an open API that enables any POS system to integrate. Yup, even you. Want more information? Hit us up!

To join the revolution, head to to learn more.

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LevelUp is a revolutionary new way to pay. Users pay with their phone, saving time and money. Businesses pay 0% payment processing fees and re-invest those savings into growing their businesses by attracting new customers and bringing them back.

LevelUp is a part of SCVNGR which is backed by Google Ventures, Balderton Capital, Continental Advisors, Highland Capital, Transmedia Capital and T-Venture.

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