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November 18, 2013 09:00 ET

Lexifone Launches First Phone-Powered 'Continuous' Conversational Translation To and From Most Major Languages

Lexifone 2 Works With Any Telephone -- No Software or Downloads Required; Now Also Available in Hebrew

HAIFA, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - Nov 18, 2013) - Lexifone, the world leader in automated real-time and multi-language speech translation, today announced Lexifone 2, the first phone service equipped with the ability to translate nearly every major language, now in real-time. By freeing people from previous talk-and-wait translation limitations, Lexifone 2 enables the most natural translated phone conversation closest to full continuous speech. The new service builds on the original Lexifone translation service which created groundbreaking on-the-fly translation for phone conversations to and from nearly every major language. 

Lexifone 2 is the translation solution that is closest to natural conversational speech. While the original Lexifone service was the only one of its kind and the only automated voice in-call translation when it debuted, it required a brief tutorial before use. The original service also required the user to pause between sentences and keep them to a certain length as well as push keypad buttons to switch languages back and forth. Now, Lexifone 2 translates both sides automatically, allowing both people to enjoy the freedom of conversing without interruption, even if both sides happen to speak at the same time. The new service also features a more intuitive user interface and can now translate to and from Hebrew. 

"Our goal will always be to come closer and closer to translated speech that mimics exactly the way we speak and hear conversation in our native tongue," said Ike Sagie, Founder and CEO of Lexifone. "Lexifone 2 is a leap forward in this direction. Nothing like this has ever been available on the market and we'll continue to improve its performance and add features."

Lexifone 2 is a real time and asynchronous phone service. Each sentence is processed at the moment it's spoken and the service no longer needs to stop you at each sentence. Once you are done talking the system will pour out the translation. There is no voice training needed and the translation is provided automatically over the phone. Therefore, the service is available from any phone, landline or mobile from anywhere in the world, at any time. 

Lexifone selected 10 major languages to cover the vast majority of people around the world. Current languages include three different flavors of English (U.S., U.K. and Australia), European Spanish and Mexican Spanish, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Italian, European French, Canadian French, Russian, Chinese Mandarin, Taiwanese Mandarin and now Hebrew. While dialects, accents and noise can affect the accuracy of the translation, Lexifone achieves the highest possible accuracy available today in an on-the-fly environment. The company employs best of breed translation technologies to optimize interpretation of each language. Lexifone builds its linguistic Optimization Engine on top of this layer to enable inter-language conversations. 

"The world is a shrinking place and non-English languages even in business are becoming more prevalent," explained Sagie. "This puts a greater burden on communication for millions of people of every day. We're the technology bridge that brings businesses new profit possibilities, better customer service and allows people around the world to share more intimate details and express themselves in the most natural way."

The Lexifone 2 app is also available for Android and includes direct-calling from contact list avoiding the need to dial access numbers and destination numbers manually.

Lexifone is a developer of advanced telephony products designed to unify people of the world and add value to the existing communications devices. The Company is located in Haifa, Israel.

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