SOURCE: Lexifone

June 10, 2013 09:00 ET

Lexifone Unifies the People of the World With the First Low Cost Phone Call Bundled With On-the-Fly Translation to and From Nearly Any Language

HAIFA, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - Jun 10, 2013) - The ability to speak freely and naturally between person-to-person of different languages has been a universal and international communications barrier. Today, Lexifone is announcing the first low cost phone service equipped with on-the-fly translation to nearly every major language. The new service means that language is no longer a barrier when making phone calls for business or personal communications. Lexifone works on any phone, from landlines to mobile phones, without requiring Internet access, creating a crisp multilingual communications bridge to anyone, from anywhere at any time.

The new service provides translated calls for as low as 15 cents per minute, roughly 15x less than employing a translator and as low as 1.5 cents per standard international call. Translated calls are now available whether initiating the call or receiving, another first for Lexifone enabling on demand translation when unprepared and receiving calls, something impossible with human translation. Conversations are immediately translated to and from English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian and Mandarin covering more than 90% of the world's native tongues.

"We've created the next breakthrough in telephone communications," explained Ike Sagie, Founder and CEO of Lexifone. "The value of a phone call has been limited by the ability of the speakers to understand one another clearly and within a reasonable timeframe. We see Lexifone as bringing good old phone calls into the digital age and opening doors for people and businesses that will accelerate commerce and bring people closer together."

Lexifone employs best of breed translation services to optimize interpretation of each language. On top of this layer Lexifone delivers its Linguistic Optimization Engine to maximize the effectiveness of the inter-language conversations. Thus, while the combined use of Lexifone's proprietary software and best-of-breed language translation engines may not provide perfect translation, it is at the forefront of automated translation and the only available choice during a phone call whenever needed and from whatever phone is on hand.

"Hotels, retailers, rental companies, manufacturers and so many other types of companies have struggled to conduct business even in English as a second and third language and certainly when there's no common language," continued Sagie. "Now the very importance of each word and expression can be naturally spoken on both ends of the call."

The CallMe service for businesses from Lexifone is a solution to common business communications barriers for those typically providing services to an international audience. The service allows businesses to invite their patrons to call them in their language by using a unique access number from which whatever language is chosen, it will be effectively translated to avoid dropped customers due to language barriers or misunderstandings which lead to recovery expenses and customer dissatisfaction.

The new apps are available currently for Android and soon to come for the iPhone enable direct-calling from contact lists avoiding the need to dial access numbers and destination numbers manually.

Lexifone is a developer of advanced telephony products designed to unify people of the world and add value to the existing communications devices. The Company is located in Haifa, Israel.

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