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July 16, 2015 10:00 ET

Lexifone's Translation Service to Be Integrated on ONEm's Global Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - July 16, 2015) - Lexifone is pleased to announce a new partnership with ONEm that will allow Lexifone’s automatic, in-call translation services to be integrated on the ONEm global platform.

ONEm is a global platform for mobile operators to offer unlimited membership services to their subscribers over voice and SMS -- essentially allowing a world of Internet-based services to reach mobile users without traditional Internet access. ONEm has developed a unique marketplace for mobile operators and service providers, enabling them to easily integrate and select innovative technologies, like Lexifone. The partnership with Lexifone enables ONEm to become a platform more in tune with the needs of the growing requirements for multi-lingual interaction.

“We are excited about the beneficial effects this partnership with ONEm presents to mobile users across the world,” says Itay Sagie, Lexifone’s vice president of business development. “Bridging language barriers is a tremendous leap towards the globalization of business and education, and Lexifone is pleased to be able to broaden the distribution and exposure of our services through this partnership with ONEm. We see this as yet another step toward helping businesses, families and the population in general, when it comes to the realm of communications.”

Lexifone’s services currently offer 16 different languages, with the capability to understand variations of the major regional accents. Lexifone is an invaluable tool for business, education and entertainment and presents a first time opportunity for people to be able to communicate in their natural language and have an accurate translation delivered instantaneously in another language on the other end of the communication transaction.

Lexifone vocal language translation will be available to ONEm advanced voice members as a freemium service with 10 minutes free use per month and for those users who want more than 10 minutes per month, on a premium basis. Both Lexifone and ONEm agree that this is the best way to give people a chance to experience the benefits of on-the-fly language services. Over time, billions of users will have access to this service through their mobile operators, with many more languages and dialects added over time.

“Lexifone evens up the playing field by providing on-the-fly verbal language translation services within the reach of ordinary people with any type of mobile device over the global ONEm Mobile Operator Supported Network,” says Christopher Richardson, CEO of ONEm. “That is a very powerful reason for why we have teamed up with Lexifone for deployment on our platform.”

To view videos and learn more about Lexifone’s services visit the Lexifone YouTube channel.

About Lexifone
Lexifone is the world’s only privately-held automated technology for in-call interpretation. Lexifone translates outgoing and incoming calls in 16 different languages on any landline or mobile phone. Both sides of the call simply speak their language, and Lexifone will translate both ends of the conversation in real time. Lexifone’s service differs from current translation apps in that it goes beyond just text and email translation by delivering voice translation instead. This allows for more fluid conversations, appropriate pronunciation, and the ability for users to hear the tone of the conversation they are having. Lexifone is also the biggest automatic voice interpreter service, enabling calls to 500 destinations within more than 100 countries.

The company is headquartered in New York, with an R & D center in Haifa, Israel, and Business Development office in San Francisco, California. To learn more about Lexifone visit

About ONEm

ONEm is a UK High-Tech company that has developed a membership-based global mobile platform for mobile operators to offer Internet-style services to their subscribers. The main office is headquartered and located in London, England, with branch offices in Bucharest, Romania and Dubai, UAE. To learn more about ONEm visit

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