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September 02, 2015 16:44 ET

LGBTQ: Path to Parenthood Olive Fertility Centre Offers Free Seminar

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - September 02, 2015) - Olive Fertility Centre and Acubalance Wellness Centre are pleased to present a free information session Wednesday, Sept 16th, for LGBTQ individuals and couples interested in hearing about their options for building a family and what to expect during the process.

"Reproductive technology has come a long way in the past few years and there are many more options available for LGBTQ individuals who want to have a child," says Dr Beth Taylor, medical co-director of Olive Fertility Centre.

Dr Taylor will provide information about diagnostic tests and factors that impact fertility, along with details about:

  • Donor sperm (known donor, donor bank)
  • Donor egg (known donor, donor bank)
  • Surrogacy/gestational carrier
  • In- utero insemination(IUI)
  • Home insemination
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)

In addition participants can find out about cost, legal issues and adoption.

Natural fertility expert Dr Emilie Salomons (Acubalance Wellness Centre) will discuss how to optimize sperm, egg and uterine quality with diet, lifestyle, supplements, acupuncture and herbs. "Improving your reproductive health before and during the process of trying to conceive can really enhance your chances of conceiving and having a healthy child," says Salomons. "We also provide tools and information about how to be as healthy as possible during pregnancy."

"Many of the patients we see find undergoing fertility treatment a bit of an emotional rollercoaster," says natural fertility expert Dr Alda Ngo (Acubalance Wellness Centre). "Acupuncture and mindfulness meditation have been shown to reduce stress hormones -- which also have a negative impact on fertility -- and give a greater sense of control over the whole process. We want people to be in the best shape emotionally and physically for becoming parents so we are providing information on resources available and some handy tips on navigating the highs and lows of the fertility journey."

LGBTQ: Your Path to Parenthood

Everything you need to know about making babies and creating your family

Free Information Talk
Wednesday, Sept 16
7:00-9:00 pm
Olive Fertility Centre
400 East Tower (4
th Floor)
555 West 12
th, Vancouver

Space is limited. To register call: 604.678.8600 or email

Olive Fertility Centre is one of Canada's largest fertility clinics, offering an advanced IVF lab, personal care teams and innovative programs that include the EmbryoScope, comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS), egg freezing, and prenatal NIPT testing.

Acubalance Wellness Centre is the first clinic in Western Canada exclusively dedicated to reproductive wellness, using Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to provide natural, effective treatment for infertility, menstrual disorders, pregnancy and menopause.

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