SOURCE: Li-ion Motors Corp.

April 12, 2012 09:00 ET

Li-ion Motors Corp. (OTCBB: LIMO) Proudly Reports Positive Results From Its In-House, Designed & Engineered Charging System

MOORESVILLE, NC--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2012) - Li-ion Motors Corp (OTCBB: LIMO), winner of the 2010 X-Prize using 21st Century Design & Engineering of emission-free, all electric, high speed, long range automotive propulsion systems using the latest lithium-ion battery technology, excitedly reports up to a 40% reduction in charging time with engineering advancement on our new internally designed and engineered charging system. Our engineers are hopeful that with further testing, research, and development charging costs can be decreased by up to 25%. Reducing the time required to achieve a full charge helps alleviate consumer concern over Range Anxiety, viewed by some as an obstacle in the advancement of Plug-in Electric Vehicles.

The in-house Engineering Team at Li-ion Motors has improved both the design and engineered the enhanced charging system with a significant increase in overall efficiency resulting in a reduction of total electric consumption to achieve full charge in side-by-side testing compared to the previous charging system. This development allows for reduced charging time without potential harm to the batteries by using an optimum charge rate.

Li-ion is not new to electric cars. Incorporated in 2000, the company is a pioneer in the advanced development of Lithium Ion battery technology and has almost a decade of research and development, Li-ion's converted internal combustion cars to fully electric all along and is poised for significant growth moving forward. Recently celebrating the 4 year anniversary of the first ever retail delivery of the first completely electric, Lithium Ion powered car in the world, Li-ion stands as the world's leader in all electric, Lithium Ion powered automobiles.

Li-ion has converted PT Cruisers, Mini Coopers, Toyota Yaris', Pontiac Vibes, trucks, and motorcycles. The company's customer base extends to other countries including Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates.

Along with the production of original vehicles, the company licenses its proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) and technology to automobile manufacturers seeking to advance their electric vehicle offerings.

Headquartered in Mooresville, NC with corporate offices in Las Vegas, NV and previously known as Hybrid Technologies, the company has more than ten years' experience and expertise in the conversion of internal combustion cars to all electric for both individual and corporate customers as well as government agencies such as NASA.

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