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May 25, 2011 16:23 ET

Li-ion Motors Corp. (OTCBB: LMCO) (FRANKFURT: LL9L) Li-ion Motors All the Buzz in the Media -- Inizio, the World's Fastest, All Electric, Zero Emissions Supercar, Gets Media Even More Attention

MOORESVILLE, NC--(Marketwire - May 25, 2011) - Li-ion Motors Corp. (OTCBB: LMCO) (FRANKFURT: LL9L) (, winner of the 2010 X-Prize using 21st Century Design & Engineering of emission-free, all electric high speed long range automotive propulsion systems using the latest lithium-ion battery technology, is excited to report increased media coverage of Li-ion Motors Corp. and Inizio. Inizio is a 100% electric supercar, capable of 170 MPH with acceleration from 0-60 MPH in 3.4 Seconds with ZERO EMISSION and a 114 inch wheel-base and 78 inch wide footprint. The Inizio is surprisingly stable at high speeds. In addition to the Inizio, Li-ion Motors created the WAVE II, a two seat all electric, zero emission commuter car with an impressive 202.5 MPGe, as rated by the Argonne National Lab (US Department of Energy) and is the winner of the 2010 Progressive Automotive X-Prize in the side by side competition. Both the WAVE II and Inizio are in the process of DOT Certification and upon completion will be released to the public hopefully by the end of this year.

Recently, covered the Inizio saying, "Who says green can only mean clean. Li-ion Motors intends to add 'mean' to that list with upcoming unveiling of the start-up maker's battery-powered supercar, the Inizio."

One of the big winners in last year's $10 million green car face-off, the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize, Li-ion has shifted gears with Inizio, which it claims can launch from 0 to 60 in just 3.4 seconds, on the way to a top speed of 170 mph -- "without emissions," the maker emphasizes. And continues with "There are an assortment of options, including 6-piston oversized brakes -- with Inizio claiming it will soon add carbon-ceramic matrix brakes to the list -- a movable rear wing and adjustable-height suspension."

The 2-seat supercar has a 114-inch wheelbase and measures 78 inches in width. An emphasis on aerodynamics and lightweight materials helps improve both range and performance. An even lighter exterior carbon fiber body kit is listed among the options.

"The Inizio is a big shift for Li-ion, which captured victory in one of the three categories of the Auto X-Prize, last summer. Its Wave II was a quirky but aerodynamically extreme 2-seater that won in the Side-by-Side competition by delivering the equivalent of 187 miles per gallon on its lithium batteries." As reported by Paul A. Eisenstein, Publisher of the with 30+ years of experience covering the auto industry for a broad range of print, broadcast and electronic media, and one of the pioneers of Internet publishing. View the entire article at:

Li-ion is not new to electric cars. Formed in 2000, the company is a pioneer in the advanced development of Lithium Ion battery technology and with over a decade of research and development, Li-ion has been converting internal combustion cars to all electric all along and is poised for significant growth moving forward.

Li-ion has converted PT Cruisers, Mini Coopers, Toyota Yarises, Pontiac Vibes, trucks, and motorcycles. The company's customer base extends to other countries including Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates.

Along with the production of original vehicles, the company licenses its proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) and technology to automobile manufactures seeking to advance their electric vehicle offerings.

About Li-ion Motors Corp.: (OTCBB: LMCO) (FRANKFURT: LL9L), headquartered in Mooresville, NC with corporate offices in Las Vegas, NV, is a leading developer and manufacturer of electric powered automobiles including the WAVE II and the Inizio.

Previously known as Hybrid Technologies, the company has more than eight years' experience and expertise in the conversion of internal combustion cars to all electric for both individual and corporate customers as well as government agencies such as NASA.

Along with the production of original vehicles, the company licenses its proprietary BMS and technology to automobile manufacturers seeking to advance their electric vehicle offerings.


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