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July 16, 2013 07:08 ET

LibertyBell Criminal Lawyers Save Accused Man From Sex Charges and Federal Prison

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - LibertyBell Law Group criminal lawyers prevent a family man and upright working citizen from going to federal prison for serious sex charges. The husband and father was accused and investigated for illegally possessing, receiving and distributing child pornography and faced 30 years in prison, supervised release, and lifetime sex offender registration. LibertyBell criminal lawyers also saved this man's reputation and perhaps future opportunities in employment and more as child pornography crimes carry a devastating social stigma.

LibertyBell Law Group's client had downloaded child pornography images and videos onto his computer with LimeWire, a free peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing software in which you only need an internet connection. Downloading adult porn can include illegal child porn unbeknown to the user. After the porn is downloaded onto your computer you may also be distributing child porn by inadvertently sharing it from the LimeWire folder set by default software settings. Even if you delete the files, law enforcement can track you down and recover the files without a warrant. Law enforcement can also track down the search terms, porn lingo and slang, and filenames to prove guilt on intention.

LimeWire was shutdown in 2010 by a court order; after the LibertyBell Law Group client's criminal case and investigation began. However, there are many other free p2p networks existing. In a recent report by the U.S. General Accounting Office, juveniles and adults alike are at a significant risk of inadvertently downloading and trafficking child pornography simply by using harmless keywords, such as celebrity names and cartoon characters, in their searches on file sharing networks.

"Our client is innocent and an upstanding citizen who needs to support and care for his family. My team of criminal lawyers, experts, and I are happy with the results of this case. Child pornography crimes are very serious federal offenses with terribly grave consequences and penalties. Defending against an accusation of child pornography or child related sex crime requires expertise in federal law, especially of this particular type," says Gina Tennen, executive managing attorney at LibertyBell Law Group.

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