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July 15, 2013 10:15 ET

LibertyBell Lawyers Rooting New Wage Law, Includes Non-Citizens

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 15, 2013) - LibertyBell Law Group's civil lawyers are rooting the new California minimum wage law, AB-10, proposed by Assemblyman Alejo. It's currently being debated by the senate. California's minimum wage has not changed in 5 years. Some states adjust their minimum wage yearly based on inflation. Seven states have a higher minimum wage than California.

The new minimum wage law would increase the hourly pay to $8.25 in 2014, $8.75 in 2015 and $9.25 in 2016. The law seeks to adjust for inflation starting in 2017. After 2016, if the inflation rate is negative for the prior year the minimum wage will remain the same. According to a 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) CPI report, negative inflation last existed in year 2009 and 1955, both at -0.4%. The rate of inflation has been positive for the past 25 years fluctuating between 2% to 4%, the BLS reports.

According to a BLS 2012 Characteristics of Minimum Wage report, 68% of minimum wage earners are part-time workers, 62% work 34 hours a week or less, 64% are women, and most are adults. Civil lawyers speculate a minimum wage earner is likely living in poverty as California has very large metropolitan cities with the highest cost of living in the country. The burden of poverty wages can weigh heavily on taxpayers, as citizen dependents and or employees seek help from public assistance programs.

Civil lawyers stress that California laws protect all workers. Whether someone is as an illegal immigrant or undocumented worker, everyone is required by law to be paid at least minimum wage. By law, workers are also eligible for overtime pay. LibertyBell Law Group's civil lawyers know that questions about immigration or citizenship status cannot be entered during litigation in court and are also prohibited in discovery in California labor or wage cases.

Based on a report by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Immigration, in California, they estimate that 2.57 billion unauthorized immigrants exist; many illegally paid less than minimum wage.

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