Librestream Technologies Inc.

Librestream Technologies Inc.

June 20, 2012 12:00 ET

Librestream Expands Its Onsight Collaboration Platform With Its New Onsight Connect Service

Delivering Operations-Driven Video Collaboration Across the Ecosystem to Bring in Remote Teams, Suppliers, Customers, and Vendors

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - June 20, 2012) - Librestream, the leader in Operations-Driven Video Collaboration, announced that its Onsight collaboration system is now simpler and faster to deploy with the launch of the new Onsight Connect cloud service. This latest advancement from Librestream is in direct response to customers' requests to make Onsight video collaboration more accessible across their own organization and throughout their extended ecosystem.

With the new Onsight Connect service, customers can install Onsight on an unlimited number of computers to simplify deployment. Onsight users can also quickly invite guests to a secure Onsight collaboration session to bring in occasional collaborators. All of the Onsight participants, including guests, can interact by sharing live visuals, talking and telestrating (drawing on video and images). For enterprises that need to collaborate with suppliers, customers, distribution partners, or equipment vendors, the ability to quickly bring in ad-hoc guests is essential to making effective decisions and solving real problems.

Key to this ad-hoc collaboration is also the ability to immediately connect calls across different networks. Librestream's optional Onsight TeamLink and SIP services take care of call registration and firewall barriers providing secure tunnels across networks for customers who need this capability. In addition, customers can enforce security, call connection, and bandwidth policies across all Onsight collaborators using a new hosted management service that facilitates centralized administration.

"Many of our customers started using Onsight within their internal operations. For manufacturers, this typically meant calling colleagues who were specialists in a specific production line tool or working on a new product design. The success of these initial experiences brought a desire to collaborate with partners and customers," explained Kerry Thacher, Librestream CEO. He continued, "This kind of extended collaboration drove new requirements such as overcoming network barriers and simplifying deployment. Our new Onsight Connect service platform addresses these new requirements."

Librestream has established an Onsight Customer Transition Program to help existing customers transition to the new flexible Onsight Connect service. For more information, please contact your Librestream representative or email your request to

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