SOURCE: Wilford D. Gower

November 10, 2008 15:54 ET

Life Lessons From A Life Well-Lived

90-Year-Old Father, Grandfather and War Hero Offers Hard-Earned Wisdom on Living Modern Life

FALLBROOK, CA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2008) - Our country faces dilemmas not seen in past generations. Domestic violence is a growth industry, teen pregnancy stands at 53 to every 1000, and our failing economy is everyday news. One wonders if our elders knew something we have forgotten or never knew.

Wilford D. (Wil) Gower, a 90-year-old retired U.S. Army Colonel and decorated veteran of WWII, brandishes wisdom hard-earned by the experience of living through most of the last century, and he shares it in his book "Mapping Life's Tomorrows."

    1.  There is a person out there like you who is looking for their ideal
        mate. For marriage, find someone who has the same kind of
        ambitions, life plans, and social interests so that you will fit
        together for a lifetime of happiness.

    2.  Continue to learn so that you rise above the crowd. Gower stresses
        education -- not necessarily college, but whatever learning tools
        you need to achieve your goals.

    3.  Evaluate each financial decision based on the cost and by what
        means you will cover it. Part of that cost may be stress, not just
        money. Think before you leap! Rather than using "plastic money"
        keep your financial commitments within your ability to pay.

    4.  Part of living is being useful. Get involved in community services.
        Volunteer with your church or a non-profit worthy of support.

    5.  Conduct your life with honesty, integrity, grace, love, humility,
        forgiveness, fairness and thankfulness for your blessings.
        Regardless what form your beliefs take; you must have respect for
        yourself and others.

Born a share-cropper's son in Kentucky, Gower worked his way through college during the Great Depression. A decorated combat veteran of WWII and a manager in industry, Gower has been introduced by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors as the "Legend of Fallbrook" because of his community service. He received the Pinnacle Award from the Fallbrook, CA, Chamber, and had a building named for him! His successful book, "Mapping Life's Tomorrows," as well as his 2006 work "Lessons: To Be Happy and Successful," are available through

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