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May 07, 2007 12:55 ET

Life-Partners Adriana and Veronica Celebrate a Very Special Mother's Day

Angelina's Birth Is One of Seven Conceived From Frozen Egg/Frozen Sperm at West Coast Fertility Centers

ORANGE COUNTY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 7, 2007 -- This Mother's Day is a time for celebration for thirty-four-year-old Adriana and her life-partner, Veronica. The couple gave birth to their baby daughter, Angelina, on April 9, 2007 thanks to Dr. David Diaz and his staff at West Coast Fertility Centers in Fountain Valley, CA.

Angelina's birth is very special because she is among about 200 frozen egg births nationwide. The birth of Angelina was the Centers' fourth baby conceived from both a frozen egg and frozen sperm. The Centers' first frozen egg/frozen sperm baby was born to a 45-year-old mother in October 2005.

Adriana had tried for two and half years to become pregnant through various means, such as intra-uterine insemination (IUI). She entered an IRB-approved study to compare embryo quality between fresh and frozen-thawed ooytes (eggs). Twenty-two eggs were retrieved from Adriana, of which six were frozen. Subsequently, five of the frozen eggs survived the thaw and were inseminated with frozen sperm purchased from the California Cryobank in Los Angeles. Four thawed eggs survived and were transferred to Adriana. Adriana became pregnant and a healthy baby girl was born on April 9, 2007. The couple plans to return to the Centers to have another baby within the next two years.

Veronica and Adriana felt very secure with Dr. Diaz and the staff. "Everyone there is very caring, and we felt very comfortable from the moment we walked in," said Adriana. "We're always very nervous when we go somewhere new, how are they going to react and how are we going to be treated. It was very comforting."

Dr. Diaz is happy that his Centers could help Adriana and Veronica start their family. "Egg freezing is an exciting new advancement and a viable alternative to freezing a couple's embryos," comments Dr. Diaz. "I'm proud of my staff, and because of this new technology developed at our Centers, we now seven healthy births and 20+ ongoing pregnancies." (

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Established in 1988, West Coast Fertility Centers is one of the largest and most established Centers of its kind in Orange County. The Centers has perfected the art of oocyte freezing.

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