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May 11, 2017 08:45 ET

The Life Sciences Report Examines How 3D Signatures' Platform Taps into the Power of the Genome

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 11, 2017) - How fast is my cancer progressing? Does this treatment present my best option for a cure? These two big questions, which determine outcomes for patients with serious diseases such as Hodgkin's lymphoma, prostate cancer and Alzheimer's disease, are addressed by the platform technology in development by 3D Signatures Inc. (TSX VENTURE: DXD) (OTCQB: TDSGF) (FSE: 3D0). In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, 3DS's new Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Kevin Little, describes the TeloView platform, its utility in the marketplace and what makes it a compelling investment.

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The Life Sciences Report: Thank you for joining us today, Kevin. Can you describe, in layman's terms, 3D Signatures Inc.'s TeloView platform and how it works?

Kevin Little: 3D Signatures has a proprietary platform technology that is able to use telomeres, which are the DNA sequences that cap the ends of chromosomes, to establish distinctive profile differences when we look at cells. For example, in the case of cancer, the differences can tell us which cells are going to respond to traditional therapies. In other indications, the pattern of organization of those telomeres tells us whether a patient is likely to progress more quickly down the path of disease. By labeling the telomeres and then using our proprietary technology and software analytics, we're able to build out a panel of different profiles that show us what's going on in terms of the biology within these cells.

TLSR: How is this technology differentiated from other diagnostics on the market?

KL: If we talk about genomics, a lot of companies play in that space. Think about a sort of classical Mendelian genetics, such as what we teach kids in high school about pea plants. We talk about the difference between the genotype, which is the sequence of DNA bases, and the phenotype, which is what the thing ends up looking like. Genotype is the genetics; phenotype is how big a plant grows, what color the flowers are.

I think a lot of technologies seek to get better at linking genotype to phenotype-looking at what's happening at the level of changes in DNA sequence and linking that to biological outcomes like disease or tumor aggressiveness. What I find really compelling about what 3D Signatures' technology does is that we're using these telomeres as a direct biomarker for the phenotype-a pattern that we can immediately show has biological significance.

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