SOURCE: LifeGuard Technologies Inc.

January 06, 2016 07:00 ET

LifeGuard Technologies™, Marks Sale of 10,000th Tri-Bolt Breakaway Hose to Propane Industry Using Govt. Supported Technology for Propane Tanker Trucks, Rail Cars, Cargo Transporters

SPRINGFIELD, PA--(Marketwired - January 06, 2016) - LifeGuard Technologies™ -- which has sold more than 400,000 of its LifeGuard Safety hoses to the industrial and compressed gas, petroleum and chemical industries in more than 100 countries spread over five continents -- is rapidly gaining momentum and sales within the Propane Transportation industry with more than 10,000 units sold featuring its Government mandated technology.

"As a Global Leader in Passive Safety Hose technology, we were able to integrate our smart manufacturing processes around the world to deliver our customers an even more advanced internal spring system, state of the art technology product at an economical price. Our philosophy is to bring our product to customers through decentralized manufacturing and distribution systems," explained Andy Adams, LifeGuard executive vice president.

Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Chemical Safety Board have issued reports that identify the LifeGuard Technology as a solution to the ongoing problems of over reliance on excess flow valves in the transfer of propane. The goal is to lessen the risk to the environment of hoses used in hazardous applications where damage to personnel, surrounding environment and communities and excessive liability abound. The transfer hose is a focal point of Lifeguard Technologies where they build and define their systems outward from the vital but mistrusted hose component. 

"Our Lifeguard Technologies name has become synonymous with advanced passive safety hose technology," Abrams said.

LifeGuard Technologies is based in Newtown Square, PA. It began with Joe Abrams' work in cryogenics in 1958, and today the company has hoses worldwide in all industries and applications. Its long history and reputation for innovation has fostered this acceptance, and the company continues to play a key role in establishing safety protocols for its customers.

Joe Abrams has said "Most inventions are doomed to rapid extinction, but a few may make the evolutionary inventions, and I hope my technology will save lives for many years to come."

Traditional Hoses do not have internal shutoff capability and are inherently less safe than LifeGuard Tri-Bolt Breakaway Hose. The mission of Lifeguard Tri-Bolt Breakaway Hose is to provide a hose that in the event of failure will seal itself at both ends. The Hose instantly stops the flow in both directions in the case of an unintended pull-away of tank trucks, railcars, barges and ships. The Hose is instantly deployable, cannot be disabled, fails closed, and requires no training or assembly. Lifeguard provides hoses for all applications of any pressure, temperature, length and diameter.

Among the companies LifeGuard supplies its Tri-Bolt Breakaway Hose to include Acord Transportation, Inc. and Amerigas Sunoco.

About LifeGuard Technologies

The founders of Lifeguard Technologies are the inventors of the original passive safety hose technology. They formed LifeGuard Technologies to provide, on a geographical basis, a reliable, readily deployable and cost effective industrial safety hose. The necessity of geographical accessibility between service provider and the customer has been essential for face-to-face contact in our industries. Our products are the finest in the world and we have restricted the production/assembly of our products to facilities that we consider to be 'centers of excellence' in which specialized production capacity is available for the manufacture of unique quality products. Moreover, we expect to be investing in the development of new, original safety products by means of internal and external forms of cooperation in order to preserve our innovative clout and flexibility.

They believe that significant and measurable enhancements to industrial safety are achieved with deployment of "passive devices." The essence of their mission is to increase the safety of all operations and facilities through the deployment of passive safety hose technology. Additional information is at or

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