Lifeis World Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Lifeis World Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

October 18, 2010 05:57 ET

Lifeis Begins Operations in India

A new Player in India's Direct Selling Market

BANGALORE, INDIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 18, 2010) - Lifeis World Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., India ("Lifeis") today announced the launch of its business on October 10, 2010. The launch took place at the upscale corporate office in Bangalore - company leaders, top distributor leaders, network members and prospects from all over India, predominantly from the South, attended this event and celebrated this milestone in Lifeis history.

The Direct Selling market, according to the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), is growing at 17% annually; and Lifeis is the first domestic player that originates from the South of India. It is anticipated, that the industry turnover would double in the next 2 years to approx. Rs.5000 Crores. Alongside with its growth this 14-year old industry is emerging as the key driver for the enterpreneural opportunity in India. 

This is exactly the trend that has been exploited by Lifeis – a company that within less than a year designed and implemented its own mode of business – the one that combines e-Commerce solutions with Direct Selling opportunities. As a Direct Selling company, Lifeis pays associates to sell the goods and services, avoiding the typical large expenses associated with product advertising. Lifeis enables individuals and home-based businesses to offer their friends and family large-volume discount pricing, special retail promotions and value-added services that would otherwise be unavailable to them or difficult to find. At the same time Lifeis IT platform, which is accessible and available at all times on the Web, allows the members to retrieve a wealth of information quickly and easily, enabling the ordering process to be secure and safe.

Mr. Ravi Puri, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, notes: "In our business plan the retail cluster mode was accepted where Lifeis centered on several groups of merchandise, namely: Beauty, Healthcare, Apparels and Textiles. Lifeis business opportunity is based on an excellent portfolio of high-quality products and brands that can only be purchased through Lifeis Business Owners. We distribute them through carefully organized, direct selling networks comprised of highly motivated, independent members. The Company is implementing innovative market strategies that integrate the best of Direct Selling with the explosive power of Network Marketing to successfully grow and develop its business".

Lifeis is committed to establishing and maintain the highest industry standards, as Mr. Sanjay Mahajan, Deputy Managing Director, states: "Our Corporate Code of Ethics requires truthful disclosure of product information and expressly prohibits deceptive or unlawful consumer or recruiting practices. And we are dedicated to these principles starting from our first official operations day and onward."

Lifeis carefully studied and implemented all the finest attributes of the industry - Mr. Srinivasan, Chief Mentor & Advisor to the Board states: "The organization of Lifeis is built on a strong ethical and moral values which would be the guiding principles for sustainability and growth. Robust systems and processes are being designed around these principles."

About Lifeis

Lifeis World Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., India, - is a Direct Selling and e-Commerce company operating in India: initially in the Southern part, with gradual expansion plan to cover the whole country and advance abroad. Lifeis provides for its customers two types of opportunities: to shop on-line using proprietary e-Commerce platform, and start own business based on Hybrid Compensation Plan.

The company assembled one of the most powerful in India team of experts and professionals; as well as a quality Advisory Board of renowned business and culture leaders. Lifeis business is based on manufacturing and supply facilities for products, advanced logistics, superior IT support, effective training system, and efficient customer relations structure.

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