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October 27, 2015 11:00 ET

LifeNexus Launches the iChip Mobile App for Its Health Plan, Provider and Employer Clients

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - October 27, 2015) - LifeNexus, creator of digital health solution iChip®, announced today that it has launched the iChip Mobile app. Now, LifeNexus' health plan, provider and employer clients can offer their customers a better healthcare experience by providing convenient access to their personalized health information from any device anytime, anywhere.

As the healthcare system continues to change, consumers are actively seeking easier and more satisfying ways to manage their health and their healthcare encounters. This shift in consumer behavior has made room for innovative technology like biometric devices and changes in care delivery like telehealth calls. As an individual's healthcare experiences become more fragmented across providers and care settings, and the amount of data about them grows, they need a solution to manage their personal health information in one place, and an easy way to share it with anyone involved in their care.

"At LifeNexus, we believe the best way to deliver better healthcare experiences is to put consumers in control. This means giving them access to their health information in a way that they can see it, view it, update it, share it and use it. With this information in hand, they can participate more actively in their care, communicate with their doctors and make more informed healthcare decisions," said David R. Strand, CEO of LifeNexus.

Driven by this mission, LifeNexus developed iChip, a mobile and cloud-based technology that empowers members to instantly access and share their personal health information. Leveraging health plan data, analytics and programs, this technology automatically updates and populates an iChip Health Record that consumers can view, enhance and share from a web-based portal and, now, a mobile app.

Designed to make healthcare easier and more convenient for consumers, iChip's features such as Rapid Check-In, use embedded smartphone capabilities like geolocation to notify consumers when they arrive at an iChip-enabled doctor's office. The app then prompts the consumer to check in and share their health information with their doctor -- simplifying the check-in process and reducing wait times. Another powerful feature is the app's care reminder messages, which push notifications to consumers when they are due for preventative care. These features not only improve consumer awareness about their health, but also make managing health for themselves and their loved ones easier and more convenient.

iChip's Connection Center allows consumers to link all dependent records to their iChip account so they can view their family's health information in one place, as well as share records with anyone who assists in managing their care. For example, iChip Mobile allows a member to share full or read-only access to their record with another person. This can help adult children co-manage care for a parent or an individual manage care for a spouse or family member. Other features such as preferred pharmacy, medical history and medications give consumers easy access to the information they may need at a moment's notice in both emergency situations and when filling out paperwork. For consumers managing chronic conditions or care for multiple family members, iChip makes healthcare easier.

"As downloads for digital health apps continue to increase, consumers will begin to demand this level of connectivity and interaction with their health information," said Strand. "We're excited to bring the iChip Mobile app and its cloud-based technology to our health plan, provider and employer clients so they can improve the healthcare experience for their members, patients, employees and their families."

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LifeNexus is the creator of iChip®, a product that empowers consumers with their health information anywhere they need it. By working with health plans, employers and providers, we're helping to create better healthcare experiences when it matters most. To learn more, visit or follow @iChipMobile.

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