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March 29, 2017 09:00 ET

LIG Assets, Inc. Enters Joint Venture with LIVE SHIP Global Seafood Logistics

Plan to develop and construct sustainable warehouse distribution centers to facilitate live seafood transport systems across North America

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DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2017) - LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC PINK: LIGA) (also known as the "Leader in Green Assets" or "LIGA") has entered into a Joint Venture Partnership with LIVE SHIP Global Seafood Logistics to utilize LIGA's and Robert Plarr's exclusive sustainable technologies and products to upgrade existing structures and construct new, state-of-the-art warehouses and distribution centers in conjunction with live seafood transportation systems across North America with plans to expand the partnership to projects in Australia and South East Asia that completely revolutionize how live seafood is stored and shipped worldwide.

LIGA's/Plarr's technologies utilizing Magnesium Oxide & Geo-Polymers that are toxic free compared to traditional materials and possess vastly superior mould, fungus and rot forming resistance. The materials withstand temperatures of 4,000 degrees and can be produced replicating the aesthetics of virtually any natural substance including polished marble and wood except that they are inexpensive and can last hundreds of years while dramatically improving the health and longevity of live seafood products by providing the materials for increased care of product at all points of the supply chain. The construction materials that have been used historically, primarily metal, wood and plastic are still currently being used in literally every aspect of seafood transportation and storage. Each present their own individual and costly problems for the global seafood industry -- such as durability, contamination potential, regular replacement/maintenance, and degradation from rot, fungus, use and various other environmental contact factors.

Live Ship has a worldwide exclusive agreement to transport Live Lobster and Live Snow Crab using patented technology to transport 25,000 lbs. of live seafood using specially designed 40' sea containers. These live seafood sea containers are designed to be transported by road, rail and vessel worldwide which greatly reduce transport rates, handling and carbon emissions. Using the recently released Traystor crates from BioNovations, Live Ship's live seafood containers clients will be able to have the complete supply chain of product from boat to plate worldwide. LIGA's inclusion will not only revolutionize the entire global seafood industry but change it forever thanks to the new partnership between LIG Assets and LIVE SHIP Global Seafood Logistics. Another product LIVE SHIP will be utilizing is LIGA and Plarr's exceptional and energy saving R-60 insulation materials to increase capabilities and decrease the costs of maintaining warehouse, storage and shipping facilities internal temperature control requirements for seafood freshness and safety as well regulatory guidelines.

Jim Gillis, President of LIVE SHIP states, "The tremendous help and support that LIGA, and in particular, LIGA's Chairman of the Board, Aric Simons has provided my company, along with our newly formed partnership, and of course LIGA's unique application of materials and technology, will propel LIVE SHIP to heights we never before dreamed possible -- not to mention completely revolutionize and forever change the global seafood industry -- Aric was right; these are literally the most amazing products and technology we've ever seen -- a total game changer for our company, the industry and soon the world!" Gillis further states, "In the interest of full disclosure, members of the Gillis family, including myself & son, have purchased over 219 million shares of LIGA common stock on the open market with plans to not only hold our shares for the long term, but to continue to support LIGA, our partnership and expansion plans by reserving the option for LIVE SHIP and/or members of the Gillis family to purchase additional amounts of LIGA stock as our partnership develops and flourishes."

LIGA Chairman of the Board Aric Simons states, "Our new partnership with LIVE SHIP is a continuation of LIGA's previously stated expansion plans to aggressively pursue acquisitions, partnerships and mergers, both in the private and public sectors, and utilize those opportunities to not only increase corporate revenues and value for the Company and our shareholders, but also to work diligently to transition select companies currently in the private sector to the public sector as soon as possible via subsidiaries, partnerships and IPO's under the LIGA corporate umbrella -- creating the potential for stock dividends for LIGA shareholders of record and providing them further "in-house" investment opportunities to consider. This Joint Venture is not only consistent with our revenue growth goals but also our larger mission of disrupting the construction industry in a manner that is economically beneficial and promotes growth in a responsible sustainable manner for future generations. LIGA is very fortunate to partner with LIVE SHIP, a company that is certain to disrupt the seafood delivery industry and shares our corporate values."

About LIG Assets, Inc.:
LIG Assets, Inc. in association with Robert Plarr is the emerging "Leader in Green Assets" - focused on exclusive green, renewable energy and sustainable homes, living systems, technologies and components to be utilized in the residential and commercial real estate acquisition and development projects currently under way and now individual product sales, as well as rapid expansion into other sectors via acquisitions, mergers and joint venture partnerships. LIG Assets, Inc. trades on the pink sheets under the ticker symbol "LIGA". For additional information about LIG Assets, Inc., Robert Plarr, and/or more information about and how to purchase Plarr's exclusive homes, structures, products and technologies or to subscribe online to LIGA's free Shareholder Newsletter for regular updates and alerts regarding important Company developments, please visit the Company's website at

About Robert Plarr and LIGA's Homes:
Robert Plarr, famed environmental pioneer, visionary and entrepreneur in the green and sustainable sectors has been building, researching and promoting sustainable and renewable homes, systems and technologies since the 1970's. In 2002 Robert integrated the most advanced technologies at the time to create one of the world's first completely off-grid self-sustaining homes -- with an indoor rain forest. Robert personally tested over 200 green and sustainable technologies to create the ultimate green living experience. Robert was also co-owner of the world's first green and sustainable amusement and water parks that included the world's largest privately owned windmill. Since then Robert has worked with some of the world's leading scientists to create his exclusive "Science of Sustainable Integration" -- known worldwide as the "Plarr's Living Green Structure System."

Robert has recently teamed up with LIG Asset's Inc. (LIGA) The Leader in Green Assets to provide the world with some of the most advanced green and sustainable homes, systems and technology on the planet. The homes Robert and LIG Asset's plan to build together will be affordable to the masses and 100% fully sustainable -- utilizing 100's of technologies capable of providing oxygen, medicine, water and food. A first in the United States! Robert's homes have been compared to an in-home wellness center as well as an "insurance policy" against natural disasters -- producing their own energy, recycling their own waste, growing their own food and producing their own pure water -- the ultimate insurance and safety policy for you and your family.

About LIVE SHIP, Global Seafood Logistics:
Live Ship Logistics in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada is revolutionizing the way live lobster and snow crab are shipped worldwide. Stress is the primary cause of poor health and mortality in live seafood -- Stress is introduced at each step in the supply chain and is caused by handling and environmental factors such as poor water quality, poor temperature control, and proximity to other seafood. Eliminating or minimizing stress from "catch to plate" reduces mortality, improves health, freshness, and taste, therefore increasing market value. Our proprietary supply chain system developed, by BioNovations, minimizes product stress to improve health and longevity while providing a system for care of product at all points of the supply chain.�This reduces total cost of live seafood distribution and increases market value by delivering a fresh, premium taste experience.

The BioNovations designed live seafood transport 40 ft. sea containers allow us the ability to ship seafood over long distances and extended periods of time, both over land and sea. BioNovations 40 ft. transport trailers and ocean faring sea containers minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 90%, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint than traditional methods such as air freight. Up until now live seafood holding and transport systems came with an inherently high mortality rate. BioNovations systems are specifically designed to provide highly controllable environments and have significantly reduced mortality rates associated with long term storage and long haul transport. As a result, the cost of storing and shipping live seafood will greatly reduce the loss of life during transport, thereby maximizing the use of the targeted species and increasing the payload.

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