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April 13, 2017 09:30 ET

LIG Assets, Inc. Letter to LIGA Shareholders by Chairman of the Board Aric Simons

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 13, 2017) - LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC PINK: LIGA)

LIG Assets, Inc. (LIGA) Chairman of the Board, Aric Simons, addresses LIGA shareholders about the past, present and future developments of the Company

LIGA Now Listed as "OTC Pink Current Information" at OTC Markets

LIG Assets, Inc. (OTC PINK: LIGA) (also known as the "Leader in Green Assets" or "LIGA") Chairman of the Board, Aric Simons, today released a letter to shareholders providing further details of LIGA's past, present and future developments, significant accomplishes and the fundamental changes that have and will continue to be implemented at the corporate and operational levels of the Company.

To My Fellow Shareholders from Chairman Aric Simons:

First of all I would like to personally and sincerely thank each of my fellow shareholders for their unwavering support, patience and confidence in LIGA. My primary goal is to reward your confidence in LIGA by continuing the Company's growth and expansion in a manner that maximizes our return and your investment. LIGA is currently undergoing a complete and comprehensive corporate turn-around and rebranding at all levels of leadership and operations and we are preparing for rapid expansion, which will be explained below and in future communications.

LIGA stock has experienced exponential growth and some investors who have not been in touch for a while have inquired about the cause. The short answer is our hard work is paying off. Starting with the LIGA 2016 - Sustainability Impact Conference and the exposure and credibility we received from the actual demonstration and use of our products and technologies at the conference, expos and at various presentations over the last 6 months. In addition, we were able to personally meet over 70 shareholders / investors who were able to touch and witness actual demonstrations of all of the various machines, products and materials we presented at the conference. It also provided several of our shareholders and partners the unique opportunity to "meet and greet" each other in person -- including famed environmentalist Robert Plarr.

With that in mind, as Chairman of the Board, I want to share with you today the vision we have that I believe will prove our name to be true: Leader in Green Assets. These facts are underscored by the business highlights and management commentary (below), which was released concurrently with the Company's annual 10K this past Friday. I'm going to amplify upon this today.

LIG Assets, Inc. is truly a Company owned by its shareholders; it is important to note that approximately 75% of the stock is held by new & long term shareholders that are committed to holding their shares for the long term and we've been in contact about locking up substantial amounts of LIGA stock with a firm commitment to retain those shares. The share structure has been strengthened from past practices and will continue to be consolidated by future action.

LIGA now operates as a state-of-the-art collection of resources, personnel, assets and opportunities that, if managed properly with prudent reinvestment of capital, will produce substantial returns for the Company and its shareholder owners. Changes with the Company's management team, operational capabilities and objectives have taken place since my appointment as the Chairman of the Board. I believe additional changes required to improve performance, potential and corporate value are needed in the immediate future and LIGA now has the resources, qualified leadership, business plan and capabilities to implement those changes and realize significant improvement in all of those areas.

As Chairman of the Board for LIG Assets, Inc., I have for the benefit of the Company and our shareholders, personally engaged independent advisors to conduct a complete forensic review of literally all aspects of the Company's operations -- including but not limited to, corporate structure, business plans, management capabilities and performance as well as our future objectives and the resources, personnel and efforts needed to achieve them as well as the complete rebranding of LIGA as a viable and profitable enterprise. I also intend to be as detailed and transparent beyond standard and required reporting for all communications with LIGA shareholders -- now and in the future. I have already undertaken and/or will immediately begin undertaking the following actions on behalf of LIGA, its shareholders and our collective future and prosperity:

[1] I am pleased to announce the company is moving its corporate headquarters to former Vice-President of the United States, Al Gore's hometown of Carthage, TN, which is just outside of Nashville -- incidentally the hottest real estate market in America and currently "ground zero" for the global green, renewable and sustainable movement where many of the sector's primary leaders and organizations are based. Many of them have already expressed extreme interest in LIGA's vision and resources, LIG Assets, currently headquartered in Ennis, Texas, will move to 110 3rd Avenue West, Carthage, TN 37030. The move is planned to be completed by the end of spring 2017. Our new corporate offices will include a new phone number and greatly enhanced social media presence to further improve our level of communication and relationship with our shareholders and the investment community.

LIGA's expanding presence across North America and our optimism about LIGA's future opportunities for growth have caused us to look for a more centralized location for our corporate operations. The new headquarters will offer greater accessibility and collaboration opportunities for LIGA by being based in the hottest real estate market in America and at the epicenter of the global green and sustainable movement. This move will allow us to retain and attract the best talent to serve our clients, while giving us greater flexibility to facilitate our corporate expansion strategies.

Our new approximate 8,600 square foot headquarters will become home to LIGA's new retail concept and then we plan on building our own headquarters using Robert Plarr's technology over the next year, with planned completion in 2018. In conjunction with the move to Nashville, LIG Assets, Inc. plans to open new bank accounts at First Tennessee Bank, which we have established a relationship that will optimize our financial capabilities.

[2] Our new Corporate Headquarters in the greater Nashville metropolitan area will also feature a retail outlet which will sell the health and well-being products such as our oxygenating/hydration water machine, hydrogen ventilator and medicinal mushroom mixtures. These products are currently being sold by representatives of LIGA and Robert Plarr mostly in the South and California. Sales have been very successful to date which will be reported on the books in the second quarter of this year and the Carthage Tennessee retail outlet will be the first retail store of many to come that will feature LIGA products. The health products division of the Company has provided a good revenue stream for LIGA as we soon will begin to realize revenue from the bigger ticket items such as building materials and real estate development in the near future.

[3] As part of our ongoing efforts to dramatically increase LIGA's resources, opportunities and potential, the Company has partnered with some interested LIGA shareholders and one of the nation's most unique business development and consulting groups that specializes in small cap public companies to seek and maximize opportunities for the future growth of LIGA as the Company transforms into a leader in building and health sustainability. The group's primary focus and responsibility will be the re-structuring of new companies and select business opportunities brought into the LIGA system, whether Private or Public, to enhance the value of LIGA and ultimately create dividends and other opportunities for LIGA shareholders. This is a unique approach we have undertaken that will be the future for building real companies under the LIGA brand. In addition, our new partners and large investors will assist in identifying and securing joint partnerships, mergers and acquisitions of companies with the intention to successfully accommodate subsidiaries, IPO's and spin-off's and as stated above, dividends for LIGA shareholders under the LIGA brand and corporate umbrella, as well as additional "in-house" investment considerations and opportunities for our shareholders and the investment community.

These groups and partners have already provided our Company with several viable candidates we are currently negotiating with to secure partnerships, mergers, IPO's and acquisitions, and the progress of those developments will be announced in the near future. This strategic group of investors is so confident in the future of LIGA and so adamant in their support of the Company and our potential that they have already purchased several hundred million shares of LIGA common stock on the open market with plans for continuing to acquire additional amounts of stock. I believe that these independent, highly qualified individuals we have partnered with can empower LIGA to ensure the stock is properly aligned with its market value. As a shareholder myself, I am excited that individuals of this caliber have stepped forward to assist in our efforts. Their belief in the extraordinary potential of LIGA is demonstrated by their substantial investment, guidance, contributions and efforts they have already made in the Company and its stock. As always, we truly value every LIGA shareholder and appreciate input and suggestions from all. That is part of the reason we are determined to enhance the means of communication that I outlined above.

[4] We have entered into consulting agreements and partnerships to specifically ensure to our shareholders and the investment community, that every contract, joint venture and strategic partnership is properly handled to maximize the value to LIGA and ultimately to our shareholders while maintaining the highest level of integrity and transparency. The purpose of these actions under the direction and assistance of our recent partnership with BGTV Direct - Worldwide Media Solutions, will be to more effectively get our story, corporate mission and investment potential out to the masses on a global scale.

[5] As Chairman for LIG Assets, I have personally engaged a group of SEC experts to ensure that there are no improper or illegal stock transactions and that the integrity of the stock structure is secure. Our shareholders should feel safe knowing that we are taking proactive measures to ensure that your investment will not be adversely affected by some of the inappropriate actions sometimes witnessed in the OTC market. As a practicing attorney for almost 30 years, I will personally see that any illegal or improper trading will be aggressively litigated and LIGA will seek remedial action against any individuals or entity that attempts such activity that may improperly de-value the stock in any manner. Although we are listed as an OTC market, my intention is to operate this Company to a higher standard typical of a NASDAQ or NYSE listed company. As we continue to grow, my hope is someday to achieve the levels of capitalization that warrant listing on these exchanges.

In our 2017 fiscal year, we anticipate that we will be able to recognize substantial revenues as we meet GAAP requirements for revenue recognition for several of our properties, partnerships and various business ventures. I encourage every LIGA shareholder and all interested parties to visit our corporate website to subscribe to our LIGA Investor Newsletter to stay abreast of the exciting developments about to take place with the Company. I would like every shareholder to know that you are part of a Company that operates with integrity and operates in a manner that is not only profitable, but also contributes to the health and well-being of the planet and future generations.

Thank you again for your continued support of LIGA.

Aric Simons - Chairman of the Board
LIG Assets, Inc.

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