March 18, 2008 07:05 ET

LIGATT Security Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is by Guaranteeing That It Can Determine How Any Hi-Tech Crime or Identity Theft Was Committed

LIGATT Security Also Offers Free Service to All Public Defenders and Court Appointed Attorneys

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - Gregory Evans, Director of LIGATT Security, today announces why LIGATT Security is number 1 when it comes to solving Hi-Tech Crimes. "After the dot-com boom, every person with a hint of computer security knowledge became a computer security expert," Gregory Evans says. "Then came the boom of computer security certifications such as CISSP, CEF, CISM, and the alphabet goes on and on. In order to get one of these certifications you must past a test. Well, anyone who has good study skills, computer networking knowledge and is good at taking tests can pass. What people do not understand is that this does not make you a hacker," says Evans.

Today LIGATT Security guarantees that it can figure out how any Hi-Tech Crime such as computer breaches, identity theft, stolen computers, computer fraud, telecommunications fraud, physical breaches and credit card fraud is committed or you do not have to pay. "Most so-called security consultants charge from $100 to $500 an hour and could not solve a crime if they were the ones who committed it," says Evans.

Any public defender and court appointed attorney working on a Hi-Tech Crime case will receive free of charge consulting services.

LIGATT Security boasts about having more and the best computer hackers in the world. "Our hackers have all the certifications, are ex-law enforcement, military and ex-hackers, and some even ex-cons. In order to catch a hacker it takes a 'REAL' hacker. In order to catch an Identity Thief it takes an Identity Thief," says Kevin Miller, a Team leader of LIGATT Security and ex-hacker. "We have a member of our team that had full access to the top 3 telephone company computers system for almost 2 years and defrauded them out of $1 million a week. At the same time we have another team member that graduated from the United States Naval Academy and worked for the National Security Agency."

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