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June 20, 2005 13:06 ET

Light Waves Channels Billboards and Broadway

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 20, 2005 -- Twenty three years ago scientists did the impossible, and until that time, the inconceivable in light technology. They altered it altogether. When they came up with the light emitting diode, they only dreamed that it would revolutionize the way we think about lighting and its application. Fast forward some twenty odd years later, and that dream is becoming a fast reality.

LED lights operate on the basis of an electric current tapping into a small metal semi conductor, which in turn produces more light, utilizes less raw electrical power and creates some of the most impressive and vibrant colors available on the market. Light Waves Concept, Inc. has been a leader in introducing LED products on the market as CEO and President Joel Slavis realizes the potential with this technology. "The quality of light that you get with an LED light bulb is incomparable to the standard light bulbs out there. The colors, the texture and the intensity are truly amazing, and this is what drives commercial and residential users to switch to these products," comments Slavis.

Slavis sees unbridled potential, which is the reason why he introduces at least one or more new LED products a month. With the market for LED products vastly growing, the latest to hit the Light Waves Concept company is channel lights. "People really like our rope lighting selection and we had numerous customers that wanted to create amazing designs," says Light Waves LED specialist Tim Seeto. "However, creating billboards and lettering with rope light was difficult. It only made sense to us to give the public what they needed, and that was the channel lights."

In contrast to regular neon or incandescent light bulbs, channel lights are smaller yet more powerful. Unlike neon lights, frequently used to create billboards and signs, the LED channel lights do not utilize gas, which could often leak as a result of weather conditions. They are also virtually hazard and risk free due to their low voltage and their water resistant sheen, making them an unlikely source of fire. At the end of the day all of this spells safety and the threat of electrical shock is virtually eliminated.

Aside from being durable, the LED channel lights are flexible and could be molded into any shape, creating vibrant and distinguished designs in red, honey, blue, green, white and multi-color schemes. "We envision that this new method of lighting billboards and signs will catch on at an even greater speed," says Slavis. "It is in the foreseeable future that all lights will be LED lights."

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