August 27, 2007 10:37 ET

Lights, Camera, ACTION: World Black Belt Inc. Goes Hollywood Healthy Starring: A New Colloidal Mineral Enhanced Spring Water That Maximizes Hydration

DELRAY BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - August 27, 2007) - Celebrity endorsed K.O. Fitness Recovery Drink® from World Black Belt Inc. is the latest entry in the billion dollar bottled water biz. The new designer drink is fortified with colloidal minerals that will knock out your thirst fast and replace sweat lost through exercise. K.O. is claimed to be the world's healthiest fitness recovery drink. K.O. is purely natural, certified spring water; super charged with a propriety blend of essential colloidal minerals, which include Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Selenium, Potassium and Zinc. This formula was developed in conjunction with martial arts expert Bob Wall, who is a legend in American Karate. Together with action film and television star Chuck Norris and karate and kickboxing legend Joe Lewis, these three make up what is probably the most famous trio in the history of Karate on film. Wall's film and television roles, and the commercials he has made with screen legends like Bruce Lee have made him a world famous martial artist -- having co-starred in the classic martial arts movie "Enter The Dragon."

According to Wall, proper hydration during training or competition will enhance performance and prevent possible injury associated with dehydration and sweat loss. K.O. may be the best beverage to drink because plain water does not replace the electrolytes that the body loses through sweating. K.O. replaces both water and electrolytes and more. In 1999 Wall invented "Dynamic Flex," the first dynamic stretching machine, which is endorsed by Chuck Norris. Dynamic Flex precedes the longest-running infomercial, "Total Gym," produced and distributed by Total Gym licensee American Telecast, that co-stars Chuck Norris and model Christie Brinkley. Both are dedicated users of the device, whose design makes it an effective and efficient fitness application for those working out at home as well as the rehabilitation, athletic training and commercial fitness arenas. The 12-year run of the Total Gym infomercial makes it one of the most successful shows in the $333 million-per-year infomercial industry, with Total Gym broadcast to 85 countries and selling over 3 million units.

"Every drop of K.O. Fitness Recovery Drink contains the perfect balance of minerals for a truly healthy drink and NPI is excited to bring this innovative new product to market," says NPI's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mitch Gould. "We are always looking for new products to react to global market trends," said Gould. For more information, visit

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