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February 08, 2016 05:00 ET

LightSmyth Introduces Breakthrough Nanophotonic Products

LightSmyth, a Leader in Deep UltraViolet (DUV) Projection Photolithography for Photonics and Optics, Creates New Line of High-Performance and Cost-Efficient Nanophotonic Micro-Optics and Lens Arrays

EUGENE, OR--(Marketwired - February 08, 2016) - LightSmyth™ Technologies, the industry leader in high-efficiency diffractive gratings and optics, today introduced a new portfolio of nanophotonic micro-optics and lens array products. These are the result of combining extensive engineering expertise with well-established fabrication techniques to produce high-performance and cost-efficient optics for a variety of applications, including telecom, defense, biological science, and other important markets.

LightSmyth's diffractive optics utilize principles of computer generated holography to provide arbitrary beam-shaping and wavefront transformation. These design techniques produce lenses, vortex phase plates, axicons, beam splitters, pattern generators, computer generated holograms and other optical components. The key advantages of this approach include high-performance, cost-efficient wafer scale volume production, high optical power damage threshold, and environmental stability. The diffractive structures are etched directly into fused silica or other materials without the use of organic materials. Stand alone or arrayed components may be produced without size limitation.

"The unique combination of fabrication technology and design approach strongly positions LightSmyth to provide customers with non-conventional solutions for their micro-optics needs and achieve beam-shaping functionality not attainable with regular refractive optics," said Thomas W. Mossberg, President of LightSmyth.

The approach may also be used for hybrid integration of a passive optical layer used for beam-shaping with an active layer containing optical sources and detectors, to produce robust cost-effective optoelectronic chips.

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About LightSmyth

LightSmyth Technologies, a Finisar Company, was founded in June of 2000 to develop innovative nanophotonic products. The development efforts culminated in the introduction of high efficiency diffraction gratings for optical telecommunications, defense and biological markets in 2007. Today, LightSmyth offers more than 100 grating products optimized for various applications. LightSmyth products and innovations leverage holographic and diffractive principles combined with state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing patterning tools such as Deep UltraViolet (DUV) steppers/scanners.

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