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November 19, 2013 08:00 ET

Lightt 3.0 Introduces the First Mobile Video App and Ecosystem That Lets You Capture, Edit, Personalize and Share Life's Experiences as Ongoing Stories

Make and Share Awesome Videos With Special Effects, Create a Personal Video Timeline, With No Post Production

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2013) - Lightt, the mobile video creation and sharing platform for the iPhone and iPad, today introduced Lightt 3.0, the easiest and best way yet to capture, shape and share life's big adventures and small moments. Just selected by the App Store as one of its Best New Apps, Lightt 3.0 allows you to create continuous video timelines, effortlessly synchronize music, and tap into a rich palette of features and effects in the moment with a touch of your screen or a shake of your phone.

"The new Lightt is all about making it easier to truly express and share your life," says Alex Mostoufi, CEO of Lightt. "Our best experiences are usually more than a few seconds long. But that's beyond the capability of most mobile video apps. Lightt removes these limitations and makes it effortless and intuitive to capture, filter, edit, trim and add music, as you go, so you can share and remember more of your life."

Lightt 3.0 is a featured app and is available now, free, in the App Store.

The Only Personal Video Timeline
With Lightt you can easily share experiences as ongoing stories, not just short, isolated moments in time. Each video made with Lightt seamlessly connects into a video timeline, like an ongoing movie stream. You can create multiple video timelines, called channels, which chronicle moments of life into meaningful memories around any experience or theme like family, friends, food, travel, and concerts. Because all Lightt videos are saved securely in the cloud, you can remix and connect video clips captured by different people to create a truly social experience. 

Creativity, Simplified
Lightt is your companion for everything from capturing and sharing everyday moments to developing stunning creative videos. It's the perfect platform for making music videos, chronicling creative processes like cooking and crafting, or starting your own Reality TV channel. A broad palette of features, filters and effects can be used in real-time to make engaging videos, eliminating the need for post-production. Among these features are:

  • Simple, robust real-time editing like voice over, trim, duplicate and rearrange.
  • The only instant reverse motion feature.
  • Mix and match beautiful filters and cool effects like swirl, halftone, blur, emboss and pinch.
  • Ghosting to perfect stop motion videos.
  • Anti-shake to improve the look of every video.
  • Capture video in either square portrait or full landscape by simply turning your phone.
  • Mix together videos shot by different people to create true social video experience.

And if you mess up, simply shake your phone and the last capture disappears.

Add a Soundtrack for Your Life
Lightt 3.0 makes it simple and fun to add music as you capture video. Just tap to add music from your device. The music starts and stops automatically with each tap of the record button, allowing you to synchronize soundtracks and make music videos with ease.

"Lightt pioneered personal video timelines, real-time editing and even collaborative video creation. And we continue to expand the possibilities of video for everyone. Capturing and sharing visual moments in your life, putting them to music and connecting them to create more meaningful stories and experiences is something only Lightt can do," says Pam Kramer, President of Lightt. 

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About Lightt
Lightt is a mobile video creation and sharing platform that makes it easy to capture, shape and share any moment of your life. Lightt reimagines mobile video as a new medium, continually innovating better ways to use it in everyday life. With Lightt you can capture video moments and connect them into a continuous video timeline, like an ongoing movie, and add your own soundtrack as you record. Lightt is the first to introduce real-time editing and personalization so you can shape your story as you go.

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