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September 05, 2013 13:37 ET

Limited Edition Sphero 2.0 'Revealed'

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - September 05, 2013) - Orbotix, makers of Sphero, today demonstrated an obsession with internal electronic aesthetic design by revealing the robot inside their magical sphere, aptly called Sphero 2.0 Revealed. The world's first app-controlled robotic ball and gaming system, the 2.0 edition has been re-engineered from the ground up to give users an entirely new gaming experience. Sphero 2.0 Revealed is available exclusively at Apple Retail Stores in the U.S. and from the Apple Online Store. It will be available in additional countries in the coming weeks. 

Design Inspiration

Sphero 2.0 Revealed began with a design challenge: deliver a refined shell visual without detracting from the simple elegance of the classic Sphero shell appearance. This was achieved by creating "sub-layer" graphics using negative space and light occlusion. The technique attempted to block out specific sections of the shell that transfer 100% of the light source, in order to allow opposite sections to be illuminated while Sphero glows.

The final composition was inspired by speed and technology. "The compound curves illicit the feeling of speed while the linear cuts give just enough of a tech vibe," comments Orbotix designer, Phillip Atencio. The combination of these elements strikes a complementary balance that appeals to all audiences.


The Sphero 2.0 Revealed shell is made of a smooth, transparent polycarbonate shell and maintains all of the durability that the original product boasts. One of Sphero's signature features, its inductive charger, is revealed in copper coil as the underside of the robotic chassis and the charger base connect wirelessly through the shell. Posing as an interesting subject for light-source photography, the Sphero 2.0 Revealed glows more than 3x as bright as before.

Electronics & Engineering

The skillfully crafted shell appears hand-painted, and its design became a true labor of love for the production team. The proprietary process begins with a flat canvas of the artwork, is boosted to a luxury feel by adding special light catching additives, and is then married to its opaque dome. Finally, the color and hue of each chipset component was carefully considered in painting the internal landscape.

Orbotix Audience

The idea of custom shell design was inspired by a very special group of Sphero customers. The magical way the robot tumbles, rolls, and glows create curiosity among an inquisitive audience made up geeks, gamers, and artists. Revealed quenches this thirst by cleverly unveiling the sophisticated robot inside.


Don't be fooled, the custom shell isn't just skin deep. Revealed is making its debut with the latest Sphero 2.0 technology -- faster speeds, brighter colors and smarter driving. "We had the chance to give geeks of the world a view into what it takes to create a robot," said Ian Bernstein, co-founder and CTO of Orbotix. "We're debuting a reimagined Sphero and changing how the world interacts with robotics and gaming technology."


The Limited Edition Sphero 2.0 Revealed is available exclusively at Apple Retail Stores and from the Apple Store Online for $129.99. Revealed comes with over 25 free apps available for download from the App Store (

About Sphero

Sphero is an intelligent robotic ball that connects wirelessly to the virtual world with mobile apps, enabling new game play for mobile devices including: robotic movement, kinetic motion, controller support and augmented reality capabilities. The result is limitless possibilities for new types of gameplay that meld the virtual and real worlds for a fun gaming experience. 

About Orbotix

Orbotix was founded to build amazing experiences around physical devices. In the past, games have been played in either the real world or the virtual world. We're changing that by creating an entirely new realm of play that bridges the gap between the two worlds. Founded by Ian Bernstein and Adam Wilson passionate robotic and software engineers, Orbotix is working to bring the real world to your smartphone. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Orbotix team takes fun very seriously.

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