April 18, 2011 14:41 ET

LINBIT Announces Partnership With SkySQL

DRBD Is Strategic Component of the SkySQL™ Reference Architecture Delivering Full HA Support for MySQL® Database Deployments

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2011) - O'REILLY MYSQL CONFERENCE & EXPO -- LINBIT today announced its support and inclusion in the SkySQL Reference Architecture. By partnering with SkySQL, LINBIT as the driving force behind DRBD continues to deliver enterprise grade support for MySQL® High Availability solutions. The SkySQL reference architecture reduces the cost and complexity of deploying some of the most common data infrastructure applications. By combining their expertise, LINBIT and SkySQL together bring highly sophisticated HA database setups to customers all around the world at a low-cost level.

"By joining forces with the industry's most critical providers of data infrastructure technologies, such as LINBIT, we're significantly strengthening the architecture, which serves as a proven framework for data infrastructure applications," said Ulf Sandberg, founder and CEO of SkySQL. "Each component of the reference architecture has been vetted, tested and certified by SkySQL. And of course, it is backed by our trusted team of MySQL database experts."

LINBIT will align its offering with the reference architecture through ongoing collaboration with SkySQL. LINBIT's DRBD has made a name for itself by becoming the de-facto standard of data replication for Linux servers in HA scenarios. It replaces conventional SAN appliances and avoids the typical vendor lock-in associated with such devices. Thus, DRBD is the ideal base for highly-available database setups. Along with it comes LINBIT's professional support for the complete Linux cluster stack, including the Pacemaker cluster resource manager. LINBIT is a major player in the Linux Foundation's High Availability Working Group and continues to drive development of the Linux cluster stack.

"The partnership with SkySQL enables us to carry on delivering the best HA-related services to MySQL customers," states Philipp Reisner, CEO of LINBIT. "Databases are one of the most common use-cases in today's data centers. And the need for highly-available systems increases day by day. LINBIT and SkySQL together bring a great platform to our clients' servers."

SkySQL Reference Architecture
The reference architecture leverages community best practices, as well as open and closed source software, pre-selected, tested and certified by SkySQL. A key feature of the SkySQL Reference Architecture is a web-based provisioning system, which provides the graphical user interface that allows the user to uniquely configure a solution for their particular needs. Once the solution is deployed, the provisioning system integrates with SkySQL™ Enterprise Monitor, and allows for total control over all components in the customized solution. More information on the SkySQL Reference architecture is available at

About SkySQL Ab
SkySQL Ab, the company behind the SkySQL™ Enterprise subscription, is the first choice in affordable MySQL® database solutions for the enterprise and cloud. Founded by former executives, personnel, and investors of MySQL AB, SkySQL Ab is an open source software company committed to furthering the future development of MySQL database technologies, while delivering cost-effective database solutions and exceptional customer service. SkySQL Ab's customers include ATOS Worldline, BySoft,, Europages, Nordic Growth Market (NGM), and Voltalis. SkySQL's worldwide headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland. The company has operations in Asia, Europe and North America. For more information, please call 1(877) 303-5799, or visit, and follow conversations at

LINBIT has led the way in delivering High-Availability since 2001, and continues to be the OSS market leader in business uptime, disaster recovery, and continuity solutions. LINBIT has offices in Europe and North America providing 24x7 worldwide support, training, development and consulting. LINBIT's DRBD is the industry standard for high-availability (HA) and data redundancy for mission critical systems. DRBD enables disaster recovery and HA for any application on Linux, including iSCSI, NFS, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Virtualization and more.

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