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December 07, 2011 10:00 ET

Lincoln Chiropractor Relieves Neck Pain, Back Pain and Auto Injury Pain With Acupuncture

LINCOLN, NE--(Marketwire - Dec 7, 2011) - Local chiropractor, Teresa Larson, has been offering acupuncture treatments to her patients for several years. According to Dr. Larson and her patients, this ancient practice within the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps to relieve pain, particularly back pain, neck pain and pain from auto injury, when applied by a skilled acupuncturist. Along with the traditional long, thin needles that many people associate with this practice, Dr. Larson also frequently uses electroacupuncture, which uses small electrical impulses instead of needles.

Many of Dr. Larson's Lincoln acupuncture patients were initially skeptical of the idea that needling could help them feel better, but were surprised how well it worked once they tried it. "People can be a little nervous and skeptical about things that are new to them. One thing that helps many of my patients overcome that initial trepidation is the fact that I also use electroacupuncture to stimulate the same type of healing, only without needles. On the other hand, a lot of our patients do opt for the more traditional needles, and once they do, they discover that it isn't painful at all. In fact, it helps them get through the physical therapy process after an auto injury, or any other kind of painful injury."

Although acupuncture may be new to many of Dr. Larson's patients, people throughout Asia have relied on it for over 2500 years for just about every health condition imaginable, including stress relief and overcoming addictions. According to TCM, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches and most other ailments are caused by imbalances in a person's natural energy flow, known as Qi ("chee"). Imbalances can be caused by stress, accident injury, poor diet, too little exercise and so forth.

A trained acupuncturist, such as Dr. Larson, uses very fine, sterile, FDA-approved needles, or small electrical impulses that are inserted, or directed along certain points in the body called "meridians," through which the body's energy is channeled. Needling or electroacupuncture is said to help re-channel and rebalance the energy to help relieve pain. Western medical research suggests that these meridians run through the fascia, which is a network of fibrous connective tissue that connects the nerves, muscles and blood vessels throughout the body.

When she feels a patient might benefit from needling or electroacupuncture, Dr. Larson does a thorough physical exam and asks the patient a lot of questions about their lifestyle in order to ascertain where imbalances might be causing problems. She says, "Some of the questions may seem silly at first, but TCM is a very holistic practice that takes into account the whole health of the patient and not just isolated symptoms. It complements what we do during physical therapy and helps the patient with pain relief so they can resume normal activities and feel better faster."

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