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November 15, 2010 13:00 ET

Lionsgate First Media & Entertainment Company to Migrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to the Cloud With Freedom OSS

Streamlines Back Office Functions by Embracing Cloud Computing With Expertise From Freedom OSS and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 15, 2010) - Freedom OSS, a leader in Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM), today announced that it has an agreement with Lionsgate Entertainment, the leading next-generation studio, to help reduce costs and improve IT efficiencies by moving its SAP System into a cloud computing environment hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new cloud-based environment will enable the movie studio to easily scale its IT infrastructure consumption -- varying the amount of energy and computing power to fit specific project needs.

As one of the industry's leading integrators for AWS cloud services and implementations, Freedom OSS provides a broad spectrum of expertise in cloud computing services. Enterprise organizations and federal agencies around the globe leverage Freedom OSS to accelerate the delivery of cloud management, cloud compliance, cloud security, and cloud governance. During Lionsgate's ERP migration process, Freedom OSS is supporting the entertainment giant by initially evaluating the requirements specific to SAP, migrating SAP onto the cloud and then providing the industry leading cloud solution -- vNOC to operate and manage SAP. "The migration of a production SAP solution onto the AWS platform is a clear signal that cloud computing is being adopted by large enterprises. ERP represents one of the few remaining barriers that most industry observers felt would take longer to achieve," said Joel Davne, CEO, Freedom OSS.

The value of cloud computing became apparent after Lionsgate received cost estimates for a new data center in Santa Monica, California. "The computer room in Santa Monica was very expensive and moving it to less expensive space still was not cost-effective," noted Leo Collins, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Lionsgate. "The difficulties of managing two physical facilities, with many network and server devices recede into the background when you embrace cloud computing services." 

Currently in process, Lionsgate is moving its SAP production environment into the cloud. The back office functions include the core ERP system, AP, AR, general ledgers, and business intelligence applications as well as the entertainment focused, meta data and rights management systems. Additionally, the move is also seen as enabling Lionsgate to be more competitive by:

  • Saving money and effort on storage management and having more efficient data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Lessening the environmental demands (air and power conditioning) in expensive office space.
  • Only paying for the amount computing services used at any given time.

"I'm in the cloud, my SAP production and testing is literally anywhere now. I can instantly bring up 500 people on email without buying a single server. The cloud is just a more flexible, reliable IT environment that will grow with us and save money," concluded Collins.

About Freedom OSS

Freedom OSS is a leader in Integrated Cloud Service Management (ICSM) focusing on large enterprise environments. Drawing upon its roots as an open source and SOA integrator, Freedom OSS has developed a unique solution that fills a gap for cloud management and mitigates the risks for migrating to the cloud. Freedom's vNOC cloud management and governance suite simplifies the process of getting applications ready for cloud deployment by managing packaged and server applications, operating systems, security patching as well as providing governance and compliance adherence. In addition, Freedom offers strategic cloud computing partnerships as one of the leading Amazon AWS Enterprise Partners.

Freedom OSS has demonstrated an unmatched expertise building custom, scalable, mission-critical business applications for a diversity of customers (Global 2000, Government and mid-size). Freedom OSS has been identified as "The Top Enterprise Cloud Computing System Integrator on the Market Today," according to The 451 Group & Burton Group.

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