SOURCE: Lipcon, Margulies & Alsina, P.A.

March 22, 2010 22:43 ET

Lipcon, Margulies and Alsina Awarded "2009 Top Law Firm Protecting Seafarer's Rights in the United States"

Protected Seafarers Who Were Denied Their Rights to Medical Care by Shipping Companies, Owners and Employers

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - March 22, 2010) -  The International Seafarer's Association (ISA) has recognized Lipcon, Margulies and Alsina, P.A., for the work that this Miami-based maritime law firm has done on behalf of ISA members as well as seafarers everywhere.

ISA cited its appreciation for the legal advice and assistance that Lipcon has provided throughout the last decade to help protect the rights of injured seafarers who otherwise would have been at the mercy of unscrupulous employers from various shipping companies.

According to ISA, Lipcon was instrumental in providing legal protection as well as solutions for seafarers who were dismissed after they became ill or injured while on board, and then were signed off the vessel without opportunities to return to their work. Often these seafarers were also repatriated back to their home countries without money for travel expenses.

In a letter to Charles Lipcon, the president of the International Seafarer's Association expressed his appreciation:

"Thanks to your firm, injured seafarers and crewmembers obtained compensation that should help them open new windows of opportunity in their home countries, now that the positions they initially had with the shipping companies are no longer available due to their present physical conditions. Based on the work that you and your firm has done, we are declaring publicly that Lipcon, Margulies and Alsina is being awarded recognition as the Top Law Firm Protecting Seafarer's Rights in the United States for the year 2009."

About Lipcon, Margulies & Alsina, P.A.

Lipcon, Margulies & Alsina, P.A. is a Miami, FL Law Firm focusing on maritime and admiralty personal injury claims against cruise lines and other boat owners. Lipcon's maritime lawyers represent passengers and crew injured on ships worldwide. Representation may be available for passengers and crew injured in accidents, assaults or by reason of illnesses on cruise ships, tankers, motorboats, personal water craft or other type of vessels.

About the International Seafarer's Association

The International Seafarer's Association (ISA) is an organization dedicated to seamans' rights in the United States, whether aboard a freight/passenger vessel or ashore. ISA attempts to provide assistance to seafarers no matter how difficult the situation and no matter where the seafarer is located. ISA possesses a list of medical facilities and doctors in various ports, and will guide the seafarer to the appropriate medical facility or doctor. In most cases, the medical expenses should be paid by the shipping company. Since ISA is a non-profit organization, its services are delivered at no cost to the seafarer.

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