SOURCE: Lipomics Technologies, Inc.

March 20, 2006 08:30 ET

Lipomics Technologies Offers New Comprehensive Acylcarnitine Profiling Assay

Profiling Targeted Towards Companies and Organizations Involved in Metabolism Research and the Development of New Drugs

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2006 -- Lipomics Technologies, Inc., a company specializing in the comprehensive and quantitative profiling of lipid metabolites, today announced the availability of a new acylcarnitine profiling platform that will help accelerate the pace of drug discovery and development for a wide range of critical diseases and metabolic conditions.

Acylcarnitines are intermediates in mitochondrial beta-oxidation or "fat burning." Their measurement in serum or plasma provides information on changes in lipid metabolism related to obesity, exercise, stress response and myopathies. The LC-MS based method provides quantitative data on short and long chain acylcarnitines as well as free carnitine.

"Quantitative acylcarnitine profiling provides an insight into changes in mitochondrial energetics influenced by disease, drug treatment and lifestyle," said chief scientific officer, Steve Watkins. "Acylcarnitine profiling is an excellent complement to our existing assays. We can now provide our customers with a more comprehensive understanding of lipids and their role in metabolic diseases, enhancing all phases of pharmaceutical research from screening new compounds to clinical trials."

About Lipomics Technologies, Inc.

Lipomics Technologies provides industry-leading metabolic profiling for drug discovery and development, patient monitoring and personalized medicine. The Company's proprietary analytical technologies generate a comprehensive, accurate and quantitative profile of lipid metabolites.

A broad range of bioinformatics and analytical tools map these profiles to activities of underlying biochemical pathways. Through these tools, Lipomics delivers deep and rich knowledge about biological and metabolic changes induced by disease, drug action, nutritional or lifestyle influences.

In partnership with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutrition companies, Lipomics uses its technologies to discover new biomarkers, accelerate drug discovery, improve clinical trial stratification, reduce late-stage drug attrition, develop early tests for monitoring drug response and enable individualized health management.

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