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June 22, 2009 08:30 ET

Lipperhey Launches Free Tool for Evaluating Web Site SEO Effectiveness

Service Helps Companies Improve Web Site SEO to Increase Sales

BRIGHTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 22, 2009) -

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-- Consumers routinely turn to the Internet to research products and services, making search engine optimization (SEO) increasingly important for companies looking to compete and grow their business.

-- Lipperhey is an objective and independent online service that uses a spider similar to ones used by search engines to analyze the quality, searchability and popularity of a Web site. The analysis generated by the service is based on guidelines provided by the leading search engines and works by researching each page on the Web site until all pages have been indexed, analyzed and assessed.

-- Lipperhey analyzes Web sites the same way the search engine spiders do, thus providing an in-depth analysis of every page of a Web site -- from the search engine point of view.

-- Lipperhey generates a detailed report to guide the growth and improvement of the Web site analyzed. The report is broken down into the following components:

- Technical quality -- analyzes the application of industry-recognized web standards and indexing components. The evaluation is based on 35 topics and is achieved by assigning each aspect a weight or level of importance, which is determined by the relative complexity and importance of indexation by search engines. A site's technical implementation is an important part of search engine optimization and a Web site with a solid technical foundation has a better chance of ranking high in search results. Examples of topics analyzed include pages using unique META-descriptions, excessive use of Flash and prevention of dead links.

- Search engine optimization -- assesses the degree to which a Web site and its pages are optimized for easy searchability by popular search engines. The service investigates which HTML elements are employed and which search terms are located within them. SEO requires not only the proper use of keywords, but also determining those keywords in the first place. Examples of things analyzed include content keywords and anchor text in links.

- Popularity -- evaluates the number and quality of inbound links to the Web site. Besides overall technical quality and SEO, search engines use link popularity to determine the position or rank of the Web site in their results.

-- An overview report is free. For a nominal cost, companies can get a detailed report, a comparison of their Web site to three top competitors or a monthly progress report detailing the progress the site makes. The cost for each is:

- Comprehensive advisory report - $75 USD

- Comparison to three competitors - $15 USD

- Monthly progress report - $15 USD per month

-- As part of its pledge to provide an independent and objective analysis, Lipperhey does not offer SEO services. People using the Lipperhey service, including SEO professionals and service agencies, are encouraged to use the analysis generated by Lipperhey as they see fit.

-- Lipperhey returns the results of the analysis in minutes as opposed to countless hours of work if done manually.

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Quotes, attributable to Marc Noët, Founder and CEO

"People decide to purchase products and services based on recommendations from friends and family and what they come across when they search Google. So not optimizing your Web site really isn't an option. However, it can be daunting for Web site owners who don't have a technical training. The service was specifically designed to help Web site owners quickly and easily assess the strengths and weaknesses of their site and understand how they can improve it. The algorithm can save people the many hours they would spend if they tried to do all of the analysis themselves."

"We've found that many SEO and design agencies are enthusiastic about Lipperhey because it saves countless hours of manual analysis. By using Lipperhey, those firms are able to concentrate on using the analysis generated to make substantive changes rather than getting buried under painstaking analysis."

"We felt it was important to maintain our objectivity and not use this service as a means to sell additional services. As such, we don't provide services to make any of the changes we suggest, but merely provide all the information needed to make those improvements. Since optimizing your Web site is an ongoing effort, we also offer a monthly progress report to track how the Web site is doing over a period of time."

About Lipperhey

Lipperhey is an objective online service that analyzes the quality, searchability and popularity of Web sites. The service is based on privately developed software that assesses Web sites according to the SEO principles developed by the leading search engines. The service helps Web site owners understand how to better optimize their Web sites to attract more customers and increase sales. Lipperhey is based in Amsterdam and can be found at

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