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July 13, 2011 12:00 ET

Liquid Infusions Made Quick and Easy With Sous Vide Technique

At the Touch of a Button, SousVide Supreme Water Oven and New Zip Pouches Infuse Alcohols, Vinegars and More

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Jul 13, 2011) - Infused liquids, long celebrated as a gourmet delight, have traditionally been produced through a cumbersome process that takes weeks or even months to complete. Now, delicious liquid infusions are simple for anyone to create in as little as a few minutes and at the touch of a button, thanks to SousVide Supreme! Armed with a compact SousVide Supreme water oven and all new SousVide Supreme Zip Pouches -- designed to withstand sous vide cooking temperatures and conveniently seal liquids -- the infusion process is now easier than ever and accessible to everyone.

"Sous vide has already been embraced as an infusion technique by many top mixologists who focus on handcrafted spirits and syrups, because it dramatically speeds up and simplifies the process while offering optimal results," said Dr. Mary Dan Eades, co-creator of the SousVide Supreme and its accompanying sous vide product line, including the brand new Sous Vide Cocktails cookbook. "With the SousVide Supreme, anyone can create sous vide infusions, from alcohols to vinegars, and much more. Because it's so quick and easy, it's fun to experiment with different tastes and flavors, and is perfect for home entertaining or even to make homemade gourmet gifts."

Sous vide is ideal for infusions because the cooking technique involves gently simmering sealed foods or liquids in a water bath at precisely-controlled temperatures. This gentle process heats the liquid (such as a spirit or vinegar) and infusion ingredients (such as herbs, spices or fresh fruits) to cleanly extract the flavorful oils from the ingredients and rapidly incorporate them into the liquid. The result is a pure-tasting infusion that achieves in as little as a few minutes what would traditionally take weeks or months to mature. In addition, in the case of spirits, sealing liquids in the plastic pouch prevents them from evaporating and allows for the alcohol content to remain virtually unchanged.

The sous vide infusion process is simple. Put liquid and the flavor ingredients into a SousVide Supreme Zip Pouch, evacuate the air from the pouch, and seal using the zip closure. The Sous Vide Cocktails cookbook describes how to use water to displace air (Archimedes' Principle) so that the ingredients stay submerged during the cooking process. Next, fill the SousVide Supreme with water and bring it to the desired cooking temperature. Then submerge the pouch in the water bath, and let it simmer. Typical sous vide infusion times range from a few minutes to several hours. When the infusion is complete, strain the liquid into bottles, tightly cap, and store according to the recipe instructions.

Available at, the new Sous Vide Cocktails cookbook ($15.95) provides recipes for exotic sous vide infusions as well as traditional and newly-created cocktails. SousVide Supreme Zip Pouches, designed to withstand sous vide cooking temperatures for prolonged times and 100-percent free of phthalates and Bisphenol-A, are also available at the website in both quart ($14.99 for 28) and gallon ($14.99 for 18) sizes. For additional guidance, SousVide Supreme has created an online tutorial for sealing liquids, and also provides select infusion recipes, from a sweet Bacon Infused Bourbon Cordial to an Orange Rosemary Infused Vinegar and more. Visit for more information.

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Passionate about nutritious, flavorful foods, the Eades family and their research experts at US-based Eades Appliance Technology LLC created the SousVide Supreme and a range of sous vide cooking products. Sous vide is an extremely effective method of cooking whereby food is vacuum-sealed in airtight, food-grade pouches and submerged in a water bath at precisely-controlled temperatures. A technique long respected by gourmet chefs for its reliability and improved food quality, sous vide cooking is now available to everyone -- from the accomplished cook to the rank novice -- thanks to the SousVide Supreme product line.

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