Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd.

Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd.

June 13, 2017 14:06 ET

Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd. Says PointNorth's Application is Without Merit

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - June 13, 2017) - Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd. (the "Company" or "Liquor Stores") (TSX:LIQ), North America's largest publicly traded liquor retailer, today stated that an application by activist PointNorth Capital to the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is without merit.

Liquor Stores added that the Soliciting Dealer arrangement put in place by Liquor Stores is in the public interest, contrary to PointNorth's claim to the ASC. The Soliciting Dealer arrangement is designed to alert the Company's retail shareholders to the grave risk PointNorth poses to their Liquor Stores' investment and ensure shareholder democracy in Canada can function for small shareholders and not just the large institutions.

"Liquor Stores believes the real reason for PointNorth's ASC application is to prevent retail shareholders from being properly alerted to information about the flaws in PointNorth's plan for the Company. Our Board has a fiduciary duty to look after the interests of all shareholders and in discharging that duty believes it's imperative that we do everything we can to ensure that retail shareholders hear the full story to make certain that shareholder democracy is bolstered, not stymied," said Jim Dinning, Chairman of Liquor Stores.

Liquor Stores notes that many retail shareholders often do not vote their proxies at Annual Meetings. Liquor Stores believes that PointNorth's plan to seize control of Liquor Stores was a calculated move that assumed that retail shareholders would remain largely unaware of PointNorth's attempts to seize control of their company and not vote their interests, especially the 49% of retail shareholders who hold shares in their broker's name.

As Liquor Stores stated previously, a key element of an effective proxy system is the need for investors to be in a position to make an informed decision about how to direct their votes be exercised. Absent a soliciting dealer arrangement, Liquor Stores' cannot be sure that 49% of shareholders are aware of the following facts:

  • PointNorth principals have a track record of value destruction and multiple bankruptcies;
  • PointNorth intends to replace our qualified directors with nominees that lack independence and qualifications including nominees with a history of multiple bankruptcies, one of which was not initially disclosed;
  • PointNorth intends to implement a monopoly inspired plan that is not suitable for Liquor Stores' competitive markets. PointNorth's plan will destroy shareholder value by $2.65 per share;
  • Certain PointNorth nominees are being paid based on PointNorth profit. This 'Golden Leash' incentivizes these nominees to act in PointNorth's interest, which may not be in the best interests of the Company and all shareholders and which leading governance advisors across North America have cited as creating conflicts of interest and undermining director independence; and
  • PointNorth refused Liquor Stores' earlier offer to nominate or elect two PointNorth nominees to the Board. Instead PointNorth launched a costly and distracting proxy fight to seize control.
  • Liquor Stores is committed to Board renewal and the Liquor Stores nominees include three directors that have joined the Board in the last four years, including two experienced retail experts and one Information Technology leader.
  • A leading independent proxy advisory firm, ISS, also recommends that shareholders should vote only the WHITE management proxy. ISS' analysis found that PointNorth's plan is inferior to the Company's.

Liquor Stores recommends that shareholders vote only the WHITE proxy

Liquor Stores recommends that shareholders vote the WHITE proxy for the Board's eight experienced and qualified incumbent nominees. Shareholders who wish to change their vote to align with ISS' recommendation to vote only the WHITE management proxy can do so. A later dated WHITE management proxy will cancel an earlier vote on the dissident proxy.

Vote today.

For a brief explanation regarding the danger of PointNorth's plan, please see our June 8 letter to shareholders at this link:

For more detailed information regarding PointNorth's flawed thinking and the destruction of $2.65 per share in value that would occur if PointNorth's plan is implemented, please read our May 25 letter to shareholders at this link:

For more information about how the current Board and management is creating value, please read our Management Information Circular, available on the Liquor Stores website at and under the Liquor Stores profile at

Meeting Details

Shareholders are advised to vote only the WHITE form of proxy today, or no later than 10:00 a.m. (Mountain Time) or Noon (Eastern Time) on Friday, June 16, 2017. The record date for the Annual Meeting was the close of business on April 21, 2017 (the "Record Date"). All registered shareholders of record as at the Record Date are invited to attend the Meeting which is taking place at Meeting Place 1 at the Hyatt Place Edmonton-West located at 18004 100 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, on Tuesday, June 20, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. (Edmonton time).

If shareholders have any questions or require any assistance in executing your proxy or voting instruction form, please call D.F. King Canada at:

· North American Toll Free Number: 1-800-301-9627
· Outside North America, Banks, Brokers and Collect Calls: 1-201-806-7301
· Email:
· North American Toll Free Facsimile: 1-888-509-5907
· Facsimile: 1-647-351-3176


The Company operates 251 retail liquor stores in Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Liquor Stores' retail brands include: Liquor Depot, Liquor Barn, and Wine and Beyond in Alberta (177 stores); Liquor Depot and Liquor Barn in British Columbia (34 stores); Brown Jug in Alaska (22 stores); Liquor Barn "The Ultimate Party Source" and Liquor Barn Express in Kentucky (15 stores), Joe Canals Discount Outlet in New Jersey (2 stores), and LQR MKT in Connecticut (one store). The Company's common shares and convertible subordinated debentures trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols "LIQ" and "LIQ.DB.B", respectively.


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