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May 05, 2011 12:10 ET

Liqwid Wins Utah Innovation Award for Its Liqwid Ads

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - Liqwid, a brand of LeftsnRights, Inc. today announced that it was named the winner of the Utah Innovation Award in the category of Enterprise Software and Web-enabled B-2-B Solutions. The Selection Committee, comprised of seventy professionals from Utah's business, technology and academic communities, made their final selections after a month-long evaluation process. Liqwid ads ( are the first ad units to monetize today's unused web real estate, increasing revenue opportunities for publishers, advertisers and agencies while improving the visitor experience.

Liqwid ads dynamically fill the empty space between webpages and the viewer's browser or screen, ensuring ads are always viewed when rendered without popping up, floating or blocking website content in any way. For the first time, advertisers will pay only for ads viewed for a minimum time.

Unlike today's online ads, liqwid ads apply the media buying model traditionally used in TV and print advertising to the Internet. The liqwid technology that powers the ad units provides sophisticated delivery, monitoring and reporting capabilities that make it possible for advertisers to specify true reach and frequency by controlling the number of viewers who see each ad and the number of times they see it.

"Liqwid Ads have opened up a new $25 billion dollar industry that has not been available until now. With liqwid ads, we're creating a paradigm shift in the online advertising industry. Liqwid ads enable publishers to preserve the integrity of their websites while generating significant incremental revenue," says Jim Rowan, LeftsnRights Chairman and President. "And advertisers can gain complete control over their ad spend to accurately calculate and increase ROI of their online investments."

Liqwid Ad Feature Highlights:

  • Minimum size guarantees up to three times larger than banner ads
  • Content can include any type of creative or application including games, rich media, video and social media
  • Viewer-directed placement enables advertisers to choose number of specific viewers who see each ad and the number of times they see it
  • Virtual board technology positions ads outside of web pages, guaranteeing ads are seen whenever rendered without disrupting content
  • Minimum Viewing Time tracking ensures visitors view an ad for five seconds (MVT: 5) before charges are incurred

About Liqwid, a LeftsnRights brand

With the introduction of its liqwid ad units in 2010, LeftsnRights was founded to develop and deliver digital advertising solutions that redefine the interactive experience. The company offers digital studio services that liqwify ads, as well as liqwid technology that provides the most precise and targeted online ad delivery, monitoring and reporting available today. Combining the best of traditional advertising methods with the power of new liqwid Internet technology, liqwid ads provide highly impactful advertising that enhances web content and increases revenue.

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