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February 14, 2012 09:15 ET

List Marketing Technology Leveraged to Test Political Messages in Election Year

Political Think Tank Used Marketfish Platform to Test Messages and Gain Detailed Insight Into Voting Public

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Feb 14, 2012) - Marketfish, a self-service lead generation platform for list marketing, today revealed its technology is being applied to test the impact of political messages. Non-partisan political think tank The True Patriot Network used Marketfish to not only reach millions of U.S. citizens, but also to gauge their responses to and propensity to act upon political messages. With Marketfish, The True Patriot Network has the tools to understand the mindset of its target audience and hone its messages accordingly for greater public appeal.

Until now, using focus groups was the de facto method for testing the appeal of messaging. But while focus groups certainly help identify which messages resonate, they fail to analyze the relationship between a message and a person's likelihood to take action. With this challenge in mind, The True Patriot Network called on Marketfish to bridge the gap. Marketfish began by segmenting out a 2 million-record subset of targeted Republican, Democrat and Independent voters. It then used its marketing expertise to further test and broadcast The True Patriot Network's messages with A/B split testing via email and Facebook.

Leveraging Social Media to Drive the Organization's Messages Home
In 2008, the world witnessed a new dawn in the use of technology, as then-Senator Obama revealed he would announce his choice for vice president via SMS. Since then, politicians and political organizations have embraced technology to connect with constituents, leveraging social media in particular to spread their respective messages and even raise money. Indeed, the use of social media in politics is now expected: A September 2011 survey found that 61 percent of social media users (which comprise 82 percent of U.S. adults) assume candidates have a social media presence1. No wonder that this election year, every Republican candidate has a Facebook page and a Twitter handle.

Following on this trend, Marketfish, too, wielded the power of social media in politics for its project with The True Patriot Network. After designing email messages for maximum impact and creating respective landing pages, Marketfish incorporated links in each email to share messages through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Finally, Marketfish tested The True Patriot Network's messages by measuring responses to a series of message-specific Facebook ads. By merging Marketfish's technology and marketing expertise with the power of social media, The True Patriot Network reached millions of politically involved citizens and engaged thousands of them in ongoing conversations that revealed which messages resonated.

"Marketfish provided us with the channel and the strategy we needed to effectively test our messages with our audience," said Nick Hanauer, The True Patriot Network co-founder. "I would highly recommend that other political organizations consider using a list marketing platform to test and send their messages."

"The True Patriot Network's use of Marketfish is the latest example of the broader technology trend taking place in 21st century politics," said Dave Scott, CEO of Marketfish. "We're excited to be part of this trend, lending our technology for use in unique ways and new markets."

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1Bulldog Reporter's Daily Dog, "Hey, Presidential Candidates, Get On Twitter and Facebook or Get Out of the Race! New Digitas Study Finds Six in Ten Social Media Users Expect Candidates to Have a Social Media Presence," 2 November 2011 (

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