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September 19, 2014 10:14 ET

Listening to Our Dogs Voices Launches on Kickstarter

"My Life with My Dog" Is a Journal to Give Your Dog a Voice and Record Your Dog's Wants, Needs, and the Things That Make Them Happy

BLOOMINGTON, IN--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2014) - The idea of "My Life with My Dog" was developed when a dog's voice wasn't heard and it almost killed him. The realization at that time was that the person who really knows what their dog is feeling and needing, and the person who can be their voice, is the owner. 

Background story: "My dog, James, was given too much anesthesia during his surgery to be neutered," author Jessica Gize stated. "I was devastated when I arrived at the veterinary clinic with my dog screaming in pain. He was ignored. Why weren't they listening to him? Why did they ignore his voice?" Jessica reiterated. James woke up from surgery blind, in pain, unable to stand, with little memory, simply needing love and for his voice to be heard. 

"When James was sick I found myself constantly writing notes down on how to retrain him, on what food to give him, what commands he did know, so as to share with a groomer and other people who would interact with him while he struggled to heal," Jessica explained. She found these notes scattered about and then an idea had come to her. With her background in publishing and printing, a journal made complete sense. But more than just a simple journal of basic information but a journal that took it a step further. "It needed to not just be a memory book for our dogs, but could also be handed to others as to know commands and communications our dogs knew, help us start a bucket list due to their short lives and so much more," Jessica stated. 

Kickstarter Campaign: A prototype was then created to see if others were interested and it spawned a community on social media Facebook, My Life With My Dog. A community that is emotionally involved in this message and the care and love of their dogs. It has also allowed the author; Jessica Gize to increase knowledge of how involved celebrities are with their pets such as the recent passing of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. Events have been set such as "Memory Day" where dogs were honored that have passed and "Dog Days of Summer" where fans are made requests by their dogs. The prototype was received well but requests were made for it to be more. More pages, more information, and higher quality. It is now set at 108 pages 7" x 9", 4-color, spiral bound on high quality paper.


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